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Thread: How complicated is replacing belts?

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    How complicated is replacing belts?

    Does anyone know how complicated it is to change out the drive belts on our cars? The belt that controls the water pump, power steering, and AC split on my zhp yesterday morning. Luckily I had just left my house, so no damage was done. Anyway, I want to tackle this myself but I donít know how hard of a job it is. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    2/10 (where 1/10 is refilling the tires).

    You'll need a special socket to loosen the tensioner.

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    Easy. 15 minute job including checking FB or Twitter in between.

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    Easier on a Manual transmission than an automatic because of the fan.
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    What Transmission do you have?

    On a manual it is super easy, just watch the radiator so you don't bend the fins over if you remove the fan which is held in by one T25 screw and one of those push button plastic things.

    I normally used a hard plastic tool, or a round metal tool, to move the tensioner just enough to slip the belt off the water pump pulley. Lots of YouTubes on this!

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