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Thread: FS 2004 330i ZHP 6 speed modified-Socal

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    Cool FS 2004 330i ZHP 6 speed modified-Socal

    2003 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    2004 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    2005 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    2006 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    SOLD! Thank you
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    Nice car, GLWS
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    Man you put a ton of work and money into this ZHP. So it doesn’t pass the
    visual as far as Smog goes?

    Pics for ya.

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    Thank you sir! I’m definitely taking a huge loss on this car.
    And as far as smog goes since I live in Cali they are super strict. It won’t pass in any way since I removed the cats secondary o2 snd SAP. I have a smog guy so it never bothered me.

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    I'm in love with this car. Great job sir

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    Car is a beauty! Sent you a PM (not regarding the sale).

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