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    Avin warning

    I usually don't post threads like this but I think it's only fair to warn everyone about Avin. I bought an Avant 3 least year and have had nothing but issues with it. The bluetooth microphone is so bad it's unusable, even after they sent me a new cable and I tried 2 different microphones. The steering wheel control buttons don't work with Carplay. The front camera system pops up randomly. I've never been able to get them on the phone and they're hit-or-miss via email. When they replaced the cable from the unit to the microphone, they wanted me to send a picture of the cable. Why, I don't know, there's only 1 cable that goes to the microphone. I think it was to stall me so they wouldn't have to replace it. They finally did but it took a few months.

    They sent me an email about the new Avant 4 system a week or so ago. I'm guessing it's supposed to be the A3 system but with all the glitches improved. I emailed them back and asked if the carplay dongle and dual DVR system would work with the new A4 unit and they said that the carplay would, but didn't answer any other questions. I emailed them to see if they'd fixed the issues I had with the A3 - no answer again. I sent the email again in case it had gotten lost and still no response.

    It would be really nice if this system worked as advertised, but I don't think it will and they won't ever provide any good support after purchase. Stay away from Avin. I wasted close to $1,000 on that unit.
    John||2005 BMW 330i ZHP||2006 BMW X5 4.8is||2008 Hummer H2 SUT|| @oltorf.the.destroyer

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    Got an email response from Avin -

    "Hi John,

    Im not sure about the dual dvr camera if it will or will not work with the new system this the hardware and software are different. My guess is it might work just need to install the app but that is only a guess.

    The steering wheel button and hard media were only designed to work with the built-in media app. The CarPlay and other apps would be considered the third party and are not guaranteed to work with the steering wheel button controls. I think its how it is coded that is the issue there are just too many third-party apps with different coding."
    John||2005 BMW 330i ZHP||2006 BMW X5 4.8is||2008 Hummer H2 SUT|| @oltorf.the.destroyer

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