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Thread: WTB stock ZHP springs/ PNW

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    WTB stock ZHP springs/ PNW

    Hi All,

    Recently purchased an 04 ZHP in really good nick. Been looking for awhile, found one in Denver and my son and I drove it back to Seattle last weekend. Imola 6mt sedan, slicktop with black leather, 102k and aggressively maintained. Stock other than BMW Performance intake and suspension.
    It was recently fitted with Koni yellows and H&R sport springs. This will be my DD and the H&Rs are way too low for road conditions here.

    Anybody have a set of factory ZHP springs for sale?



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    i have some for ya, just dont know if the shipping costs will be worth it. =/
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    Congrats on your ZHP and welcome. Pls feel free to post an intro thread in the New Members section.
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    @Inkfish Were you able to find some stock shocks and have them installed yet? I'm considering swapping out my H&R springs for stock ZHP springs for improved ride quality (also daily driver) and looking for some feedback.
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