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Thread: East Coast Dinan xi checking in

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    East Coast Dinan xi checking in

    Hey everyone

    Got my 330xi back in February ... having sold my 996 last year I needed another project / fun car, and the e46 had been pretty high on my list for a while. Found my car neglected and unloved on craigslist, struck a deal and then the work began.

    It’s a 2003 xi with somewhere around 205,000 miles. Had the Dinan Signature 1 package from new ... I know opinions vary on this stuff, all I’ll say is that while I probably wouldn’t have paid the thick end of five grand for it when it was new, it’s a nice bonus and I like the exhaust note

    I spent my first month with the car chasing down vacuum leaks and other under-the-hood stuff, which lead me down a massive “while I’m in there” rabbit hole. I ended up doing cooling system, belts / pulleys, ignition, OFHG, Vanos and a few other bits and pieces, along with an M56 valve cover. Then a bit of bodywork and an Eonon radio to bring the interior up to date.

    I came over here to ZHPMafia looking for coding info - the cluster in my car had been swapped at some point, resulting in an odo reading that was somewhere around 25k north of where it should have been. I got a ZHP cluster off of eBay and, with the help of various posts on here, got everything coded to get rid of the tamper dot and ABS/DSC lights. Yesterday I even managed to do the tire-scaling thing to increase the mileage of the “new” cluster to reflect the true mileage of the car - all thanks to posts I’d read on here.

    Brakes and suspension are next ...



    PS obligatory pic:

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    Welcome, sir. Glad to hear the 330xi is in good hands. Car looks very sharp.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    150,000 miles

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    Well damn it looks good! Welcome

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    Which Eonon did you get?

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    Thanks for all the welcomes :

    Quote Originally Posted by Eugene View Post
    Which Eonon did you get?
    Went for the GA9150B, which seemed to have the best specs of the current offerings. Not without its quirks but I’m pretty pleased with it overall

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