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Thread: What's going on in my shop currently...

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    I"m trying to take the day off, which turns out means I'm just at my desk instead of the shop lol. Here's an update I forgot to post here.

    Updates are a bit lacking mainly because I have been working on a few big projects and I wanted to finish them before posting or let the owner post if they want to. Here are some of highlights.

    I'm trying to focus my own extracuricular activities and that includes a specific track car. In the past I've used whichever car was most sorted at the time, but there was always a concern of bining my nice car, enter Eileen the '02 325iT. She was bought cheaply off of craigslist, then I got her running and started striping out non essentials.

    A cheap set of coilovers, lots of camber, tire and a nice alignment.

    I then loaded her up and headed to Hallett Motor Racing Circuit with absolutely no testing... what could go wrong, lol. Luckily nothing did, the car did great and was a total blast. HMRC is a fantastic track, I can't wait to go back. A couple of BMW CCA chapters joined forces to set up this event and it was great. Highly recommend, I will be back there next year 9/18-20/2020, mark your calendars.

    After that I didn't do much, just drove her around a bit and then back on the trailer last weekend to Motorsports Ranch Cresson with The Driver's Edge. This was just an easy trip, just my wife and I. The wagon was the talk of the paddock, lol, everyone loved seeing the long roof hussle around the track.

    We woke up to some extreme fog, but it quickly burned off and turned out to be a great day.

    This is a link to a video of me chasing down a setup 330Ci, check the wagon out break him multiple times, so much fun!

    One of my customers was racing a CoTA for the WRL end of season endurance race. They blew up the engine in the car saturday afternoon and decided to swap it overnight. I went out Sunday and helped them trouble shoot and tie up some loose ends.

    Click the pic for a Video from one of the bridges.

    JaWillis, another friend and I then spent some time on the dyno testing S54 conversion muffler setups. The final info is still being compiled.

    And swapped a M54B30, 6MT, and B30 front brakes and rear suspension into a Geo31's touring.

    Current Garage... '00 R11S, '09 HP2S, '12 R12GSA, '00 Gray 332iT, '00 Black 323iT (wife's), '02 Alpine 325iT (Eileen, Track Wagon), '02 Japan Rot 325iT, '04 IR ZHP Sedan

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    Fantastic update, thanks!

    I'm interested to see the outcome of the muffler-shootout. I know you mentioned final numbers are still being compiled, but any surprises you could share in the mean time?

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    Hey George, your updates are great! Thank you for sending them out.
    I am glad to see so many cool tourings!

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    That is living the life, what a blast. Thanks for the updates.
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