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Thread: FS: 2002 ZHP Wagon

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    FS: 2002 ZHP Wagon

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    Hello to the mafia - I just realized it totally slipped my mind to cross post my e46fanatics post to here. So here goes:

    Up for sale is my 2002 ZHP-swapped 325i, Steel gray over black. I love this car and it has made for a fantastic daily driver over the last two years. This car drives better than the Imola ZHP I had owned previously; the drivetrain is in great condition and I've done nearly all of the maintenance required to address the failure points on the M54. Smooth idle, buttery powerband, silky shifting.

    Full record of maintenance performed since swap attached. I'm sad to see it go but I'm taking on an S54 wagon project so it's time to pass it on.

    Highlights & General Info
    - ZHP drivetrain: ~138k miles
    - Chassis: 172K Miles, rebuilt title
    - Complete ZHP drivetrain/suspension swap, 6MT
    - Bulletproofed M54B30, exceptionally healthy
    - Brand new front rotors, rear brakes done recently
    - Full maintenance log (attached)
    - OEM MTechII front/rear bumpers
    - Heated M3 seats, black interior
    - NOTE: car to be sold on Style 67's w/ Pilot Super Sports (not apex's shown). Have included pics of the wheels and will update pictures when they are put on the car later this week. Roof rack/bike rack not included, sorry I need that!

    One note is that the 325i chassis has an accident in its history and thus the car carries a rebuilt title. The fender was replaced and all suspension components were replaced with ZHP components regardless - there are no consequences of the accident as it applies to frame, alignment, or drivability. Title can be transferred just as a clean title would.

    The chassis was a CA car and shows no rust, and the ZHP running gear shows the pretty much the same (as far as 15-year-old drivetrains go). However the car has lived in Boston for two years, but that's the extent of its exposure to winters. Will take some additional pics of the engine bay/rear end showing how rust-free it is.

    I'm asking $11,000. I think this strikes a good value proposition given the maintenance, mileage, and drivability of this car compared to recent comps that were just on the market. Comes with 2 keys (both ZHP keys), titles for both chassis and ZHP, ZHP cluster and LCM.

    ** More detailed pics will be uploaded shortly**

    As far as parts go, if you ask the question "Is 'x' part from a ZHP on this car" the answer is yes - with the exception of only the following components: MTechII sideskirts, black headliner, and ZHP cluster. Everything else is ZHP through-and-through; the only real 325i left is the chassis.

    The swap was performed by Supreme Auto Imports in FL - he has completed & sold a couple other ZHP-tourings out there so this is not a one-off project car, it's a complete & ready-to-daily build. I wouldn't hesitate to drive this car cross-country (and have done so).

    The car is running the ZHP's DME and EWS - so there are no EWS-related issues and the ZHP's key is retained. The car is using the stock 325i cluster paired with the 325i LCM - this allows me to retain the chassis mileage and VIN, without a tamper dot. The 325i cluster never bugged me enough to send the ZHP unit to Kassel to get it properly coded with chassis mileage. The ZHP cluster and LCM are included in the sale should the buyer choose to do that.

    Exterior: 8/10
    This car is, plainly put, just pretty. Overall the paint is in good condition - no spider-webbing/orange peel or rust. However it does have its blemishes, as I've shown in the pictures. Highlights are: a couple rock chips on the front bumper/front of the hood, scratching on the driver's underside of rear bumper, a ding on the passenger's rear fender, and the bottom edge of the tailgate has a bend in the middle as if somebody opened it into something.

    - OEM MTech II Front and Rear bumpers
    - Gloss black kidneys and full euro-clear lights
    - Trim professionally vinyl wrapped shadowline gloss black. Between the initial quality of the job and the fact it has aged two years I'd consider it a "5-foot job."
    - Car will be sold on staggered Style 67's (not on car yet, will upload pics asap) wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Nearly brand new fronts, 5/32nds on the rears. 225 fronts, 245 rears.

    Interior: 8.5/10 - Will be posting more pics shortly.
    - Heated & power M3 seats: both driver and passenger have some wear on bolsters, but no tears.
    - M3 steering wheel, ZHP shift knob, Black Cube trim
    - Rear seat is immaculate (as the black pleather tends to be)
    - HK Sound, aux input

    Drivetrain/Suspension: Maintenance records attached.
    M54B30 runs exceptionally well:
    - New fuel injectors / spark plugs
    - Bulletproofed DISA (GAS)
    - VANOS Seals / valve cover gasket
    - Oil Filter Housing Gasket
    - New water pump
    - New idler pulley/tensioner

    Full ZHP suspension:
    - ZHP Control arms, springs, shocks
    - ZHP Yellow-tag steering rack
    - UUC front/rear swaybars
    - APEX 75mm Stud Conversion
    - Z4M FCABs
    - Fresh rear wheel bearings (this job SUCKED)
    - Fresh front/rear endlinks
    - Fresh front/rear brakes

    - ZHP 3.07 diff
    - 6MT transmission, ZHP knob, shifts very smoothly
    - UUC DSSR
    - Clutch grabs/shows no signs of slipping.

    - Oil changes every 7.5K (mobil 1 0W-40)
    - Complete fluid flush when swapped

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    That looks amazing, GLWS.

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    Good luck with sale! I hope it will stay with the family.
    Damn....S54 swaps are becoming more and more popular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RUS_ZHP View Post
    Good luck with sale! I hope it will stay with the family.
    Damn....S54 swaps are becoming more and more popular.

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    It almost makes me feel like a bandwagoner...

    Also, sale pending.

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    Every time one of these come on the market I get a fizzing sensation.

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    FS: 2002 ZHP Wagon


    Asking Price.

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    Congrats on the sale, enjoyed looking at the pics and the blood/sweat/tears you put into it.
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