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Thread: Was finally able to get my airbags replaced

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    Was finally able to get my airbags replaced

    I found a dealer who had the parts in stock finally. I went to multiple dealers all over California over the years asking if they could do it and got the “back ordered” or “give us your number, we will call you when the parts arrive” lines over and over. Admittedly I gave up and stopped checking for a few years. Well I went in to my new local dealer since moving to Long Beach and was ordering some parts and shook hands with the service manager. He insisted on checking for the air bag parts for me after I mentioned in passing about the trouble I had at other dealers. They had the parts and made an appointment for me a few days later.

    I brought the car in and got multiple complements on the car, was treated great customer service despite my cars age (San Francisco BMW is more of a conveyor belt in and out service experience), and they even washed it for me.

    So a positive experience overall. Unfortunately I got two negative items on the list around same time. My battery was failing so that was one of the parts I had to order, and one of my shadowline (upper) window trims finally gave out and Broke off. The dealers now charge 330 dollars for it. Bummer. Good thing I still love this car!
    2005 BMW 330i ZHP 6MT. Built 11-19-04. Bought 4-2012.
    Stock: Nav, leather, PDC, Xenon
    Added by me: OEM Alarm, OEM heated seats, OEM aux kit, OEM Bluetooth, intravee, M3 strut brace, BMW Performance Intake, Nappa leather arm rest, updated LCM (triple blink, euro hazards, trifecta lighting, 3 stage brakes), temp gauge

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    Nice. I did that rental program thing. They were quick to get it fixed for me. It still took them like 8 months though lol

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