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Thread: OBDII Tool for Oil Service Reset

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    OBDII Tool for Oil Service Reset

    ZHP Friends -

    After my first oil change, I discovered I could not reset the oil service monitor using the instrument cluster and key sequence. (which is hopefully why the car was indicating -8403 miles) A youtube post described using the P.A. Soft 1.4 tool to connect to a laptop and reset it through the software. ( The only available versions of this tool seem to only work with Windows XP. And the reset does not appear to be possible through my current mult-brand diagnostic scanner. What tool should I be looking at to purchase that will allow me to do this reset with my Windows 10 laptop (and be useful for other tasks as well). Thanks (sorry if this answer is out there and I could not find it). Thanks.

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    PA Soft 1.4 works on Windows 10 just fine, but you do have to do some extra work. I'm attaching the two sets of instructions that I used. I suggest reading the forum post first.

    However, if your cluster sequence is not working, I have a feeling PA Soft might not work either, and that you may have an issue with your cluster.

    How to Disable Driver Signature Verification on 64-Bit Windows 8 or 10 (So That You Can Install .pdf
    Using PA Soft on Win10 X64.pdf

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    any chance that your inability to do the oil reset is caused by a broken push button stalk in the instrument cluster? It's not that rare a fault, and if it's like mine you also can't access the hidden menu by holding in on the left push button stalk in the cluster. The stalk button tabs inside the cluster. That ended up being my problem, and 50'skid had a good video about....

    replacing the stalk fixed all my issues
    - Pete

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    Both great advice. Will definitely take a look at the cluster issue and post results . . . whenever I can get a free day with the car.
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