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Thread: russlan44 neglected child Maintenance/Project

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    I needed couple things here and there so Instead of going to dismantlers for parts I found a 03 325 auto that I can use for parts.

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    Since my fog lights are cracked and falling apart I decided to wrap them in some yellow film.

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    -So I tried bringing back my foggy yellow headlights with sanding them down and tried buffing them out, didn't work, tried sanding more and applying clear coat and failed, I'm guessing it was still to cold in the morning and clear coat was cracking while drying into large pieces and adding more layers didn't help.
    -While I was at it I installed Ebay iJDMTOY angel lights, I had Orion V2 in my previous zhp 7 years ago I loved them but they haven't dropped much in price after all those years.
    -Installed black kidneys also.
    -For the next 2 days I had to figure out while my dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree and light were flickering, found a loose ground on passenger side behind corner light and my alternator wasn't charging the battery, parts car had a 150amp alternator that worked.

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    Nice werk!

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    Thank you, the new lenses came in and what a difference

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    It's amazing how much better it looks without the cateracts. Nice job!

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