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Thread: Nextelbuddy final zhp wagon project

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    Nextelbuddy final zhp wagon project

    so this will be my final ZHP touring project for a long time. I feel like it took me forever to complete this specific one and overall just couldn't catch a break. everything was hard when it shouldnt have been.

    this is a titanium silver 2000 323i so to make this a ZHp wagon takes the most work.

    most wiring changes, most coding, most items having to be retrofitted.

    This car was good and bad. good as it was a nice loaded example to start with and bad that previous owner was a meth head that didnt take care of the car at al. major smoker car alert.

    I started with the mechanical bits first....

    - m3 3.62 rear subframe, brakes and LSD diff that I had left over from another part out.
    - installed drive by wire pedal system
    - converted from auto to manual
    - installed M3 MK20 DSC module, brake booster and M3 master cylinder.
    - installed M3 front and rear brakes
    - installed ZHP exhaust and hangers
    - installed ZHP steering rack
    - installed M3 OE control arms, FCAB and tierods
    - Replaced rear driver side M3 camber arm (was bent by previous person)
    - installed M3 Mk20 grey ABS Sensors
    - installed ZHP M54 engine, 6 speed and M3 drive shaft
    - Installed ZHP DME EWS module and swapped in ZHP Keyfob circuit board into my original 323 key to retain all my ignition locks in place.
    - Used WINKfP to flash DME to latest Software update available
    - Coded IKE, LCM, DSC module as Manual and coded proper Euro wagon 330i FA/SA chassis with performance option (doesn't do anything special just being OCD)
    - installed all emissions equipment including 4 wire DMTL module in back, repinning body harness connector for DME and running 4th new wire from rear of car to DME box.
    - installed SAP and MAF with wiring to DME box
    - Started engine and resolved CEL issues
    - replaced bad O2 sensor bank 1 pre cat sensor
    - remove interior, vacuum carpet and deep clean with carpet steam cleaner
    - removed black rear touring leather seats and stripped the leather covers off all pieces
    - installed alcantara covers from Sreten in Germany
    - installed front refurbished heated/lumbar alcantara sport seats
    - installed facelift front end
    - installed new headlight lenses
    - installed and retrofitted headlight washer system
    - installed latch child safety system from 2003 model car (2000 model cars had holes but not the hardware)
    - installed M3 leather steering wheel, new ZHP knob, alcantara boots
    - recharged AC system

    Car was aligned today with new tires and balanced.

    so currently this is the current specs of the wagon as it sits.

    2000 330i 6MT ZHP (243k chassis miles no rust at all clean body)
    - MS45.1 DME with all emissions in place
    - 184k M54B30
    - ZF 6 speed transmission
    - e46 M3 Front and Rear brakes
    - e46 M3 New OE Control arms and FCAB
    - e46 M3 3.62 LSD diff m3 subframe and Driveshaft
    - ZHP 712 steering rack
    - New complete tie-rod assemblies
    - OE BMW Alcantara Lumbar and heated Alcantara/Cloth M Sport euro interior
    - Anthracite Black headliner (not installed yet will get to it soon)
    - OE BMW Euro Anthracite Visors, pillars etc....(not installed yet will get to it soon)
    - M3 leather steering wheel, ZHP shift knob
    - Facelift front end conversion
    - ZHP MtechII Full kit front, rear bumpers and side skirts.
    - 4.7 LCM 5 blink system in place

    just wanted to share my progress and its good to get this thing 80% complete. it drives very nice, smooth and quick gearing.

    would love to keep this one so il have to see how that pans out.

    on to the pictures!

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    That is impressive! Nice work!

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    +1. Looks great. TiAg is one of my fav colors. Any plans for cube trim ?
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    152,000 miles

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    wow, nicely done

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    Hey Shawn, amazing job as usual! No wonder, why you were quite for some time.
    I am glad to see that you installed full Alcantara interior.
    It looks like another e46 wagon on the second picture? Also, didn't you bought Imola X5?

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    Just perfect as usual. Where did you source the style 135s? Im having the hardest finding a front and rear in good shape

    2004 Titansilber Metallic BMW 330i ZHP

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    Looking great! Makes me want to go find a 3.0 to dump into my wagon right now haha. Can I ask why you decided to stick with the 3.0 instead of the S54?

    Did the ZHP exhaust fit with the M3 rear end? I'm getting conflicted opinions from various forum posts as I will be doing this soon also.

    Looking forward to future posts!

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    Nice werk!

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    Nice work as always, Shawn.
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    Thanks everyone, sorry for the late reply. Been extremely busy with bunch of cars getting them ready to sell.

    S54 wagon
    2006 M3 (currently prepping that one now)
    2000 ZHP wagon.

    I just finished getting the interior done, only thing missing now now is black cube trim, I'm working on getting that locally soon.

    I did black headliner this weekend, euro black A B and C pillars, black handles, visors, mounting brackets in ceiling for the cargo net, repair and recover sun roof visor as well.

    All of the interior pieces like pillars, visors, handles etc are BMW parts.

    The headliner I pulled myself, stripped and recovered with headliner fabric I got from Joannes fabric locally.

    It was my first time the doing headliner, got a few wrinkles in some places but overall it is 1000% better than the stained, smelly loose grey headliner.

    So the interior is something unique now that will really set it off for the up coming sale of this one.

    I wanted to keep this wagon but between the red zhp m3, X5, 2006 m3 and thu car.. something has to go. My red sedan isn't going anywhere and I the X5 has more room, can tow, and it's imola to match my sedan so with that said this Zhp wagon will get a new owner soon as well.

    Thinking about bring a trailer to see how it does.

    Here's some pics from headliner project.

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    2003 ZHP 332i | S54 6 speed
    2002 ZHP Touring | M54 6 Speed

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