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Thread: Pricing estimate - black 2004 ZHP sedan

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    Pricing estimate - black 2004 ZHP sedan

    I am considering selling my ZHP sedan in the coming weeks/months, and I'm struggling on how to price and sell it. The basic information on the car is that it's a 2004 Jet Black ZHP sedan, alcantara, silver cube, ~175k miles. A bit of history and context: I decided to downsize from a 335i in the summer of 2014 and wanted a ZHP sedan as something of a DD/project. At the time I knew that the price for a decent ZHP was ~$13k, which meant either finding a really clean example at that price, or picking up a car that needed some work and making up the difference in parts. I looked at several examples of each, and ultimately ended up with the latter. I picked this car up in August of 2014 @ 124k miles , as it's fifth owner, and knew upon purchase that this very much fell into the project camp.

    Immediately upon purchase I detailed the car, ordered a re-wrapped wheel, re-covered the pillars, changed out all fluids, and began just generally getting the car back to decent shape. I spent the next two years taking really great care of the car, got it caught up on maintenance, performed all repairs (with upgraded parts where possible), and some minor modifications. At some point I legitimately got a bit disheartened, and realized that no matter how much I sunk into it, I had purchased a pretty rough example, and just did not have enough passion to keep going at the rate I was. From there on I largely just drove the vehicle and kept on top of maintenance, but never got it that last 10-20% of the way to truly clean.

    At the beginning of the year I purchased another car, and while I initially planned on keeping the BMW around as a pleasure vehicle, I've ultimately realized that I almost never drive it. I'm considering selling the car, as I don't drive it enough, and am getting the itch to pick up an e92 M3 or a Cayman as a weekender. I really don't have any sense for the market on ZHPs these days, and hate to just toss it on Craigslist to get trashed.

    The good:
    • Extensive maintenance history (partial list below)
    • Dynavin N6 w/ all accessories
    • Upgraded ZKW projectors - hella EvoX-R & Morimoto XB35
    • B&M short throw shifter
    • Rogue underdrive pulleys (purchased primarily for increased steering weight)
    • Bavsound speaker upgrade (even have an extra set of rear speakers) & pre-wire for sub
    • New center console including new cup holders, hazard switch, alcantara shift boot, alcantara e-brake boot, leather armrest cover - haven't even installed yet

    Maintenance items that come to mind (could dig up most receipts):
    • vanos rebuild (besian systems parts) & valve cover gasket
    • most suspension parts & bushings replaced incl upgraded rear diff bushing, reinforced shock towers, upgraded rear trailing arm bushings to bearings
    • full cooling system including Stewart pump
    • Upgraded pads & rotors all around, rebuilt calipers, upgraded guide bushings, replaced ABS sensors
    • Guibo
    • Shifter rebuild including delrin carrier bushings (car has B&M short throw)
    • New steering pump
    • Spark plugs
    • Steering column coupler
    • Starter
    • Professionally repaired door lock module
    • Brand new battery (replaced 08/2020)

    The bad:
    • Front bumper is a bit rough - plenty of rash, a bit of a sag. I can likely fix the sag, just never did as I always meant to put a new bumper on
    • Tear on driver's side seat bolster
    • Front passenger window needs re-tinted - more recent issue, again, I'd personally just get them all re-done
    • One accident at the rear damaged the bumper slightly, and created a 1" dent at the trunk
    • 1" door ding over driver's side rear tire
    • sagging headliner
    • pillars need re-covered
    • needs a new steering angle sensor or brake pressure switch (I believe it's the former)

    As you can see the issues are largely cosmetic; but as a sum of their parts it makes the car pretty rough around the edges. I have no idea if it makes the most sense to sell this as is (or what a reasonable asking price is), or if I should throw $1000-1500 into replacing the bumper, having the seat, pillars, and headliner re-upholstered, having the windows re-tinted, and replacing the steering angle sensor in order to sell it in cosmetically better condition. I have more money than time in regards to this stuff these days, but I'm in no particular rush, and can likely find some weekends to get it cleaned up over the next few months. I just really don't know what the approximate value would be in either scenario.

    Sorry for the novel, and sorry if this is the wrong place. I am just hoping somebody can point me in the right direction. If anybody here has any interest in a semi-well cared for and fairly mechanically sound ZHP please feel free to shoot me a message; I would be very open to any offers that put it in a good home.

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    Any rust ? Without seeing any pics, I’m going to say $6k could be a good starting point.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
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    No rust at all. It has been a southern car its entire life, I'm actually also in Austin. I've dug around a bit to try to get a feel for the market on ZHPs these days, and I'm honestly surprised by the $6k estimate; I would have assumed less.

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    Howdy, neighbor. Please check these 2 recent ads. Both cars sold in 3-5 days.

    2005 zhp sedan AT / 147k miles / $4,500 / Austin TX

    2005 zhp sedan MT / 189k miles / $5,800 / Dallas TX
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    150,000 miles

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    Thanks for all of the help Fredo! I had spotted the Dallas listing, but not the Austin one. Between the two I’d say mine is more comparable to the Austin one, although I forgot to mention it was MT, which I imagine fetches a small premium.

    Did you park your car at Bergstrom a lot a few years ago? There was a very clean Imola ZHP sedan that I used to see there every week. I believe it had a car seat in it most of the time.

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    Good eye. That is my car now ! PO works at the airport. Was the car parked in a garage ? I assume yes, the interior and exterior are in really good shape.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    150,000 miles

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    I would agree with a $6k figure. If you spent all that money to fix those things, you probably wouldn't get much more for it compared to how much you spent, because of the mileage.

    Pics would help a lot in determining that, though.
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    @fredo, yeah it was always in the garage - 2nd floor near the AA side. Too funny that it’s your car, the only thing that made me think it wasn’t was the personalized plate, which I didn’t remember it having; so that makes sense. Great looking car, I always enjoyed seeing it.

    @az3579 glad to hear that you agree the price estimate. I’ll get pics up as soon as I can, but it will take some time. The car really needs a wash before I post anything, and I won’t be home all that often for the next few weeks (the 100 degree days here in TX also aren’t helping in that front). I suspect that pictures will probably support a lower, not higher price though. It’s not terrible, but again, it’s a high mileage car that didn’t see a ton of love for the first 10 years of its life.

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