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Thread: FS: 2001 BMW 525iT (Touring), 5AT, 175k mi. - $3k OBO

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    FS: 2001 BMW 525iT (Touring), 5AT, 175k mi. - $3k OBO

    2001 BMW 525iT
    ~175k miles (may go up, driven occasionally)

    Titanium Silver
    Grey Leather interior

    • 5-speed Automatic
    • Cold Weather Package
    --- Includes: heated front seats, heated steering wheel, headlight washers
    • Moonroof
    • Park Distance Control (front and rear)
    • Xenon headlights
    • Sport suspension
    • Alarm

    I originally purchased this vehicle to be used for hauling things as needed as well as for use in the winter to save my ZHP from salt. So far it has been a joy to own. It is a smooth cruiser and hasn't given me any grief over the short time I've owned it. The reason for sale is that I would like something with a smaller overall profile. While this car has tons of interior space, I feel that the smaller 3 series touring would be more up my alley. I also would like the ability to swap parts between cars (such as wheels) as needed, which I can't do with this car.

    Over the course of my ownership, I have performed some minor modifications. These modifications include:
    • Euro clear tail lights and associated coding to separate turn signals from brake lights; amber bulbs for turn signals
    • Rain sensor windshield, rain sensor installed. This was part of a retrofit but I never ended up finishing the wiring for the retrofit. The wiring and coding are all that's needed for the auto wipers and auto headlights to function. Everything currently works when manually activated, as it did from the factory.
    • Auto headlight switch in preparation for rain/light sensor retrofit
    • LCM IV upgrade. The vehicle came with the LCM III. Can now take LED bulbs.
    • Dension Gateway Pro BT media integration kit. This provides aux, USB, and Bluetooth streaming functionality with steering wheel controls to the stock MID head unit.
    • Euro aspherical side mirror glass (both sides)

    I have also taken care of some maintenance items in the short time I've had the car. I can provide the Excel spreadsheet I keep with the maintenance and mileage I've performed, upon request. Here is a synopsis of what I've done/replaced since purchasing the car in November 2018:

    • Replaced windshield and tailgate wipers
    • Replaced intake boots (upper and lower)
    • Replaced fuel tank breather valve
    • New summer tires mounted to Style 5 wheels (Firestone Firehawk Indy 500, 235/45-17's all around), about 5k miles on the set currently
    • New winter tires mounted to black Style 32 wheels (Bridgestone Blizzak WS-80, 225/45-17 all around), about 8k miles on the set currently
    • Replaced battery with AGM battery
    • Replaced windshield with rain sensor prism
    • Replaced all brake rotors, pads, and sensors (front and back)
    • Replaced front left + right sway bar end links
    • Replaced right rear sway bar end link
    • Replaced front headlight leveling sensor arm
    • Replaced final stage resistor
    • Alignment

    • I've performed one full oil change since I've owned the vehicle. I have put about 13k miles on the car to date. An oil change was done about halfway through my ownership.
    • I've checked the DISA valve while it was removed for other service. The valve seemed to operate properly. There was very minor play in the flapper mechanism, but the pin was still in place firmly and the DISA was operating as it should have at the time (162k miles). Currently the car performs no differently (which is, very well).
    • Front windshield wiper bolts were tightened as they came loose at one point.
    • The water pump was replaced sometime in the past 2-3 years, according to the previous owner.
    • The coolant expansion tank is zip-tied to the fan shroud because there is a chunk missing from the fan shroud where the tank mounts. It seems to be holding up just fine and I haven't touched it.
    • This vehicle has self-leveling air suspension in the rear. This is working just fine!
    • The underside of the car has a surprisingly small amount of rust, which was a pleasure to discover the first time I put it on a lift!

    There are a few things this vehicle needs, but the list isn't extensive.
    • Probably front shocks. There was a single day over the winter where the temps were close to, or in, the single digits. Only on this one day, the shocks in the front were bouncing when going over bumps. This never happened again, and to this day still do not bounce. Going over bumps, however, are a bit harsh, so these are probably due for replacement.
    • There is a little bit of clunking going on in the front when going over things like speedbumps. My mechanic friend tells me that this is play in the steering rack. The car steers just fine and haven't had an issue, so I had left it alone. Steering feels fine to me overall.
    • The rear glass hatch release button doesn't work properly. I had to pull the relay for it because it would randomly unlock the rear hatch glass while driving, so right now it won't open at all with the relay pulled. The tailgate itself opens/closes (soft close) just fine, however. My research tells me the glass hatch issue is the microswitch, which I have purchased and attempted to install but had to back out due to the current one being stuck on there. I have the part brand new in box for the new owner to install. The relay is sitting in the storage compartment under the floorboard in the trunk area, ready to be reinstalled when the microswitch has been replaced.
    • I do not know the service history of this car. It could probably use a transmission fluid change; the transmission is still working fine, including reverse.
    • The driver's side rear trunk light (the one with reverse on it) doesn't light up anymore when lights are turned on. The reverse light works fine, so the LEDs for the running lights must have stopped working.
    • Both front sidemarkers on the fenders will need to be replaced as the lenses fell off of them. They work fine electrically.
    • This is all I can think of at the moment; everything else seems to work just fine!

    The vehicle's exterior condition is more on the 'fair' side. The painted metal sections look fine, but all of the plastic trim on the car, such as the door handles, rear bumper, and bumper trim, all have faded clearcoat (or lack thereof). There is a big rust hole in the passenger side side skirt. There are a few different places on the vehicle where you can start to see a bit of paint bubbling, such as in the fuel filler area. These locations don't look bad - yet. The passenger side mirror cover is broken. I have an unpainted replacement cover that I will provide with the car.

    The interior is in pretty great shape, minus the driver's seat, which needs a re-dye on the upper left bolster and the piping that goes down the center of the seat. There are no rips or tears, however, and all the other seats look to be in fantastic visual condition. Neither of the front seats have that twisting issue I've seen on other E39's; both are straight and all functions of the power operation are functioning.

    The center cupholders were removed by a previous owner, for obvious reasons (these fail all the time and are, truthfully, garbage). The MID had missing pixels, so I had purchased a MID that was professionally rebuilt, so it is now functionally perfect. There is a tape deck installed currently. The air conditioning can turn you into an ice cube, and the heat can melt the ice off of you. The heated steering wheel also works very well with a quick warm-up time. The center slider tray is very broken and will need to be replaced if you care to use that storage tray. The "knob" for the center vent on the left side is also broken. To operate that vent, you have to push the center knob in while moving it, otherwise it'll just pull off in your hand.

    I only have one key for the vehicle, and that isn't always decided on what days it wants its buttons to work. Some days the buttons will operate the locks just fine (and from a pretty good distance, at that). Other days the lock/unlock buttons refuse to lock/unlock the car. All locking/unlocking functions work fine from the driver's side door.

    Asking $3k, negotiable. Extras included with the car may vary based on negotiations.

    Contact info:

    Name: Botond
    Email: az3579 at gmail dot com
    I'll give my phone number upon PM or email in case we need to speak further.

    2005 330i ZHP / 6MT
    Imolarot / Naturbraun

    It's not the car you drive, it's how you drive it.

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    +1. Good seller here.
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    It's not the car you drive, it's how you drive it.

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