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The folks at enfig seem to know their stuff.
Yes, agreed. I had Christian at Enfig install a Dension Gateway 300 iPod integration kit way back when I first bought my ZHP (2010). He was very professional and did a good job installing it. Fun fact: the product demo video of the Gateway 300 on his YouTube channel was taken in my ZHP.


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Is the mafia's general consensus to avoid the Avin avant 4? I saw some e46 dude's youtube video praising it pretty highly.
I've been quite happy with my Avin Avant 3. Overall it's a unit that works extremely well, has the best button layout, looks exactly factory (which none of the other ones do), and has the best software "tuning"/config out of all the units I've used in the past (Eonon, Xtrons, and now Avin). I see now that their pricing is now actually reasonable as well. I remember they were $700+ at one point, but now they're more down-to-earth in pricing.