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Thread: 2005 BMW 330ci ZHP 6MT Coupe, 79k, TiAg Titan Silver

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    2005 BMW 330ci ZHP 6MT Coupe, 79k, TiAg Titan Silver

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    2005 BMW 330ci ZHP 6MT Coupe, 79k, TiAg Titan Silver $14k

    Located in Simpsonville, SC 29681


    Direct Link to some photos, lots more in the BaT listing:

    I have for sale my very loved and babied 2005 330ci coupe with the ZHP Performance package and 6 speed MANUAL transmission. This car is in amazing condition, as it has always been taken very good care of and garaged daily, as well as adult owned and driven. It has been a weekend car for the vast majority of its life, as indicated by the low mileage. The previous owner even stored the car in a two car garage by itself... literally nothing else in the garage with it. I am the 4th owner, and I've enjoyed the car for ~3 years. I am an engineer, so I am very particular and methodical and I do all the maintenance and repair work on my vehicles. The prior owner was also an engineer with similar personality. The car comes with the original BMW booklet with manual, and the two original keys, along with a clean and clear SC title.

    There are very few blemishes on the car other than some rock chips in the front bumper and hood (very minimal compared to other cars this age). See the pictures for close-up shots of any blemishes on the car. The worst thing is a small dent in the passenger side C-pillar. Other than that, the exterior of the car is very clean and the paint is nice and smooth. It shines beautifully in the sunlight. The headlight lenses are very clear since the car has been garage-kept. The tires have a ton of tread left - I replaced the rears about 5k miles ago with General G-max high performance all seasons (8/32" tread left). These are superb tires that have worn nearly perfectly evenly, and I prefer them over Continental Extreme Contact DWS that are still on the front (there were DWS on the rear wheels too before I replaced them). The front tires are still good (6/32" of tread left). I have a brand new set of the General G-max tires for the front wheels to match the rears (10/32" of tread, unused). These could be negotiated with the sale. The wheels have some very minor curb rash, but still look very good. I am super picky about vibrations, so I even had the wheels inspected and some minor bends fixed before installing the tires. The underbody of the car is very clean, without rust. The moonroof/sunroof functions with no issues, probably since it is rarely used.

    The interior is also in amazing condition, with the only area that needs attention being the A pillar covers. I have some material to recover them that can be included in the sale. The leather is perfect, no tears or excessive wear and no cracking. The steering wheel is the perforated leather version, which is far better than the alcantara wheel that many ZHP's have. The alcantara doesn't feel as nice and wears out quickly, especially if you have sweaty or dirty hands. This car has the split folding back seats which can be quite useful if you need to put something large in the trunk. The windows are tinted at 35% and a custom fit windshield sun blocker/reflector will be included in the sale. All power functions work with no problem. The car has power memory seats with the lumbar adjustment. This is a very desirable option and adds a lot of comfort to these seats! The armrest was deleted in this car and the cupholders were swapped out for the Euro storage tray with roller cover. There are currently NO cupholders in this car. I have a strict no food or drink policy in my vehicles. If you must have a cupholder, I recommend the aftermarket cupholder that hooks onto the side of the transmission tunnel/center console (much more functional than the original tiny cupholder.

    The engine sounds, smells, and looks pristine. You can see in the pictures that the head looks great, no nasty carbon buildup or sludge under the valve cover when I was in there to rebuild the VANOS and replace the valve cover gaskets and seals. There is absolutely no smoke from the exhaust, even when the engine is revved hard. The transmission is buttery smooth, with no grinds, even when it is cold out. The car is babied, but I also make sure to exercise it now and then to reduce the chances of any carbon build-up The shifter and differential bushings still feel tight in this car. Many E46's of this age will have lots of slack in the driveline and shifter, but this car is still great. The CDV (clutch delay valve) has been removed to improve the shifting experience.

    The CarFax shows no accidents, and there is no bodywork that I am aware of. All body panel gaps look tight and the paint looks consistent and original. You will see 5 owners listed on the CarFax, but owner 3 and 4 are the same guy, he just moved from MI to SC. So, I am the 4th owner. You will see that the car spent time in northern states, but there is really no evidence at all of this in terms of rust (likely due to the fact that this car was garage-kept and used as a weekend cruiser). See underbody pictures for reference. When I worked on the brakes, there was basically no rust whatsoever. The CarFax shows a mileage inconsistency, but this is just due to the servicing center stupidly reporting the wrong mileage. The history shows a linear mileage progression from 59k in 2014 to 65k in 2016, so it's clear that the shop just recorded the mileage incorrectly.

    The only mods to the car are LED "Angel Eyes" in the headlights, a reusable K&N filter (just cleaned recently), black kidney grills (original chrome ones included with sale), matching Weathertech all-season floor mats (original mats included with sale), and an auxiliary input for music.

    Front control arm bushings were replaced by the prior owner just before I bought the car, so they are still strong.

    Below is a list of the maintenance history during my ownership. Big items to note in last 10k miles: OFHG, Valve cover gaskets, VANOS seals and rattle repair kit (Beisan systems), pulleys and belts, entire CCV system, spark plugs, wheels straightened and balanced, tires, brake pads, water pump and coolant. I also have a box full of old E46 parts like waterpumps, thermostats, FCAB lollipops, hoses, sensors, etc that will come with the car. I will also include an OBD cable and PASoft 1.4. This is used for checking and clearing codes, as well as doing some simple coding options.

    Extras available:
    General G-max High performance all season tires (fronts) - $200
    Full winter wheel setup - 17" Mille Miglia MMII with Blizzak snow tires - $500 (never used on this car, I had these wheels left over from my other E46 which was a northern vehicle)
    Brand new set of Koni Yellow Sport shocks - $550 (cheapest price you'll find right now is $680)
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    This one is nice

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