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Thread: The Orient Steed: Yet Another Touring Story

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMWCurves View Post
    Slowly but surely coming together, nice work!

    Are the mirrors OEM? Do you have the part number?
    Definitely not OE; that stuff is way too expensive (over $110 per side).
    This is a brand called 'John's Autoteile'. I purchased these off Schmiedmann's website and have them on the E39 as well. They cost about $15 per side and I threw them into the order alongside the euro clears to make shipping worthwhile.

    I was hoping the clears would be some OEM brand (they don't advertise the brand) and was massively disappointed to find they're Depos. I could've gotten those here if I wanted crap, but... whatever. They'll do for now. Their products are hit or miss, but so far all of my personal experiences with Depo have been negative.

    The BMW P/N for the mirror glass is 51168250438, which is the same part number on the box of the John's packaging. The fit perfectly. We'll see if they last any considerable amount of time.

    Quote Originally Posted by cakM3 View Post
    I’m sure, lots more in store...
    Don't hold your breath; it's gonna be along time for there are any other big purchases for this car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by az3579 View Post
    Not for "big bucks" - the set I saw on eBay was only around $250 or so last I checked on it. I'll wait for a good set that's reasonably priced. Either way I won't have money for it for a long while so it's just a pipe dream at this point. Thanks though!
    Wow, that's cheap!

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