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Thread: Help for Avin Wireless CarPlay Dongle w/ Eonon Android 6.0

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    Help for Avin Wireless CarPlay Dongle w/ Eonon Android 6.0

    I have the Avin CarPlay dongle which works perfect on my Eonon Android 6.0 Unit. I decided to upgrade to the Avin wireless CarPlay dongle. I have downloaded the new Avin Autoplay app and I can only get it to work while the Lightning usb is connected.

    I have tried it w/ Bluetooth enabled, WiFi connected to my home network, and using a personal hot spot. I reached out to Avin who sent me instructional links. All links work except for the instruction link for “How to connect to the Wireless CarPlay Dongle”.

    Has anyone been able to get this working? Do I need to update the easy connect Bluetooth app or download a different/better Bluetooth app? Avin states it should work on any android head unit.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    I have an Avin Avant-4 with the wireless CarPlay unit working perfectly. They even used my video on the Avin website. Not sure if you have tried these steps but this is how I connected mine. Make sure you have wireless CarPlay selected in the app and the watching video settings in your iPhone is not disabled.

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    It was so simple i'm kinda embarrassed to know I just had to go to the bluetooth in settings to pair the dongle. Thank you so much!

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