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Thread: (Sold): Alcantara Arm Rest

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    (Sold): Alcantara Arm Rest

    I went to a naked console and no longer need what was one of my favorite interior upgrades. It matches the seats/steering wheel/door arm rests perfectly and is an absolute asshole to install. The plastic underside is of course ratty like any original soft touch surface on these cars, but you don't see it with the armest down. The Alcantara top is in perfect condition save for the little spot of glue I got on it near the middle (doh!). I never tried to remove it with any solvents for fear of damaging the Alcantara and having to go through that install again.

    $60 shipped to ya face

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    The arm rest is on the way to Massachusetts to softly cuddle Sergey's elbow when he's feeling down

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    Ha ha....that's right. I will be using it when I'll be driving my wife's slush box zhp.
    Thanks Nate.

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