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Thread: 2003 Rusty Rat ZHP – 6-Speed manual sedan (NJ)

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    2003 Rusty Rat ZHP – 6-Speed manual sedan (NJ)

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    The Basics:
    2003 330i ZHP sedan. Last 7 of VIN: KM04123. 6-speed manual. Imola Red / Alcantara interior. Black cube trim. Harmon Kardon stereo. Fold-down rear seats.

    Starts, runs, drives, stops and turns. No Check-Engine light. NJ inspected through May 2020. I bought it in May 2018 with 159k miles, and have since put 25k miles on it as my daily driver. Now has 184,xxx miles. Daily-driven, so miles will go up. Clean title in hand. Located in Cranford, NJ 07016.

    Asking $3400 on 16” Sport Edition wheels with snow tires (See pic in my signature line--they do fit over the brakes.) OEM Style 135s also available. See below under "Extras" for details. More pics at

    The Good:
    It’s a ZHP with a 6-speed manual trans. Transmission shifts smooth. Engine runs strong. CarFax indicates the engine was replaced in January 2008 at 64k miles.

    Alcantara interior: Heated front seats. Aside from the driver’s bolster and the cloth on the B-pillars, the interior is in good shape.

    Has 2 remote keys -- one of which is only a year old.

    The Ugly:
    RUST. The car has undercarriage rust. It’s bad. The jacking points are either weak or gone. Hard brake lines should be replaced—especially in the rear. Driver’s door skin has several areas of bubbly rust. Right rear wheel well is rusty. Smaller amounts of rust under taillights.

    Clearcoat failure -- completely gone on hood. Flaking and peeling on fenders, front doors and roof.

    The Bad:
    No repair history prior to May 2018, other than what shows up on CarFax (which is actually pretty extensive).
    Driver’s seat bolster material is shot.
    Needs right rear shock absorber.
    Driver’s side mirror motor does not work. I unplugged the fuse to keep the passenger side from staying in the dipped position after reversing.
    Upper B-pillar material is loose.
    Steering wheel has aftermarket cover. It’s not the best, but I imagine it’s better that what’s underneath.
    Exhaust Flanges after the cats rusted out. Currently kludged together with fiberglass tape and clamps.
    Right rear window regulator broken.
    Drivers door lock cylinder inoperable. (Remote unlock works. If remote stops working, the trunk opens with the key, and you can sneak in through the trunk, courtesy of the fold-down rear seats . . .)

    The Debatable:
    Eagle Eye aftermarket headlights, taillights and foglights
    K&N Cold Air intake
    Black kidneys

    Repairs/Maintenance under my watch:
    June 2018: Akebono Euro front brake pads / Centric front rotors; Continental A/C and Accessory belts; NGK BKR6EQUP spark plugs; Oil/Filter change – Castrol Synthetic 0W40
    July 2018: Akebono Euro rear brake pads; Mobil 1 75W90 Diff Fluid
    August 2018: Used alternator; new accessory belt tensioner and pulley
    September 2018: Oil/Filter change – Castrol Synthetic 0W40
    October 2018: New ignition switch and key
    December 2018: Oil/Filter change – Castrol Synthetic 0W40
    January 2019: Used starter
    March 2019: Oil/Filter change – Castrol Synthetic 0W40; Front control arms and bushings
    July 2019: Oil/Filter change – Castrol Synthetic 0W40
    August 2019: Used starter (yes, again)
    September 2019: Used ignition coil (Cylinder 2); New power steering pump, PS pulley, PS reservoir and suction hose

    Extras at extra cost:
    I will not sell these separately unless the buyer of the car does not want them:

    8 OEM ZHP Wheels (Style 135): My intent was to end up with a square set of 18x8s with 235/40/18 tires. Currently mounted on the car are four 18x8s with 225s in front 235s in back. Additionally, I have two 18x8.5 rear wheels with bald tires and 2 18x8 front wheels in various states of disrepair. Here’s the breakdown: 2 18x8 shod with 235/40/18 Dunlop Signature HP tires; 1 18x8 with 225/40/18 Michelin Pilot Sport; 1 18x8 with 225/40/18 Cooper RS-3A; 1 bare previously-repaired 18x8; 1 bent 18x8 with 225/40/18 Cooper RS-3A with sidewall bubble; 2 18x8.5 with bald 255/35/18 Cooper RS-3As.

    Full set of black leather seats. Fronts are heated sport seats. Rears are fold-down. Driver’s seat bolster needs repair.

    Slightly-used SPC adjustable rear lower control arms.

    --------------'00 323iA----------------------------'03 ZHP--------------------

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    Don't-make-me-part-this-out Bump
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    Is the zhp story over for you, or picking up another?

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    - Marc

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    Quote Originally Posted by zhpnsnv View Post
    Is the zhp story over for you, or picking up another?

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    Not sure what's next. For the time being, I'll be driving one of our two steel blue automatic E46 sedans . . . At least until my clutch leg gets itchy.
    --------------'00 323iA----------------------------'03 ZHP--------------------

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