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    Need advice

    Ok, So I am new here and I need some advice. I have a 2004 ZHP, black with natural brown interior near mint condition. Car is also a slick top, 6 speed. I currently have the car vinyl wrapped because the hood flew open and wrecked the top and the hood. It also had a rust spot on it.

    I just recently crashed my e36 m3 on the track. I am contemplating selling the zhp in order to buy another m3, or do I put the time and cash into this zhp? What would you all do? My car has 165k on it but I am the third owner and it is a perfect car. Do I put in an s54? Do I get it painted black again? Just looking for some advice since I am not real familiar with these cars. I just use it as my daily, but thinking about really making it my project.
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    As you know, the E46 is the last great DIY BMW, and the ZHP is the perfect version. M3's are rapidly going up in value. Tough call, but if M3 if your passion, do it. Plus, in the long on it would be worth more than an S54 ZHP. On the other hand, if it's just speed you want, sure S54, or supercharge your ZHP. PS i am not an expert, just my two cents. I have a supercharged ZHP but it's only a Stage 1.

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    If you want to daily it, keep the ZHP.
    If you want a project, grab another M3.

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    My vote goes for the ZHP. I've driven both the E36 M3 and my ZHP daily and feel the ZHP makes a better overall package to me. If you're going to daily drive it at all, my vote goes for the ZHP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by az3579 View Post
    My vote goes for the ZHP. I've driven both the E36 M3 and my ZHP daily and feel the ZHP makes a better overall package to me. If you're going to daily drive it at all, my vote goes for the ZHP.
    This exactly. The ZHP is significantly better as a daily and right there with the e36 m3 in performance since we got the wimpy version in the states.

    If it's a non-folding rear seat model, then that slicktop sedan you got there is just perfect for a comfortable daily/competent track car.

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