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Thread: Mechanic owns a zhp

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    Mechanic owns a zhp

    Hey all,

    So i had a window regulator break last week. Due to time constraints I took it to an independent bmw mechanic down the street from my house. He installed it for 120$ labor plus the part.

    Anyways I saw he had an 04 alpine white vert in his shop. Turns out it is his. Bmw performance intake, strut bar. He bought from Germany. Flew over for a plant tour, and shipped it home.

    We BS'd for about an hour on the zhp e46. He said out of every bmw he has owned the zhp is his favorite. He has had m3's, gran coupe's, x5, and a few others.

    Anyways kind of cool. Just my 2c.

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    Great price for labor considering this is Great Socialist State of Kalifornia.
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    That's good to hear. I know 3 mechanics that owned a ZHP at some point. BTW, when it's time to replace a window regulator I bring my own part to a body shop. Their labor is cheaper than a BMW shop.
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    Yeah I finally got my wife on board to move out of CA. This state does not align with our belief. While it was a good place for us to grow up, it's not the same state as it was 30 years ago. We want better for our young children. Now we just need to figure out where...

    For the few times I actually go to a mechanic, $120hr is an ok price. Most of the time I do the work myself.

    I just thought it was cool an independent shop owner, loves his ZHP.

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    That is cool. GL w/impending move.

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