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Thread: Bilstein B12 Pro Kit vs B12 Sportline on ZHP??

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    Did you make sure to align the divot that's on the back of the strut with the channel that's in the back of the knuckle, so the strut slipped all the way in?

    Took my Bilsteins and springs about two weeks of daily driving to settle fully.

    And I think that's about the same wheel gap that I have on my wagon with Eibach Prokit springs and Koni Yellows on the front.

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    I had a professional mechanic do it. The shop participates in SEMA, so I’m sure they installed it correctly. Do you think the pro kit springs is the way to go for a daily driver? I was debating between the pro kit springs or the Eibach sportline.

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    NEW shocks and Springs Project!!

    This is how my wagon sits with the strut reinforcement plates too.

    And Prokit is the way to go, rides way better and gives you more ground clearance. Iíve used them on both of my E46s.

    Edit: Did you get an alignment?

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    Thanks for sending the photos! I hope my springs will settle in soon and adjust to the height of your red e46. I’ve made an appointment to get the alignment next week. How long have you had your pro kit for?

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    I bet you maybe get an 1/8" to a 1/4" settle. It doesn't look too high to me though I've never owned the setup nor do I know what claims they make regarding ride heigth.

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