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Thread: Luggage Lights Always On

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    Luggage Lights Always On

    So I am trying to diagnose why my luggage/trunk lights always stay on despite closing the trunk. I have cut open the wire loom that runs from the trunk lid to the interior and have not found any broken wires. However, I read that these wires can break internally so identifying which ones are bad can be impossible. Some peoples solution is to cut ALL the wires in the loom and solder more in but Im not a fan of that approach.

    As shown in the diagram below i found there are two wires running from the latch. A GR/BR wire that runs from the latch to the general control module. (I assume this is for the trunk open light on the instrument cluster?) If so this wire is still functional because I do not have a trunk open error.

    The other wire that runs from the latch is the WS/BR and it looks like it runs directly to the luggage lights to control them. I would suspect this wire to be the one with the short unless I am interpreting how they are controlled wrong. I did find both of these wires in the loom

    Normally, I would wiggle the wires around while the lights are on but I cannot since they are in the trunk compartment, and my scanner does not have the option for activation of the luggage lights like the interior lights.

    Any help would be appreciated as i'm not experienced with wiring diagrams. I don't want to start cutting wires that are not broken yet.

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    As an update to this, BMW runs the trunk latch wires under a sharp piece of metal that cuts the insulation and damages the wire. Not sure how I have been the only one with the problem unless the wire is supposed to be run a different way but anyway, I just slapped some tape on it so it quits shorting against the trunk lid.

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