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Thread: Help with pricing

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    Help with pricing

    Hello everyone. I'm new here. I own a beautiful 2004 330ci ZHP with the 6 speed manual and around 75k miles that I'm looking to sell and have no idea how to price it. I've owned the car since 2018 and bought it from a good friend of mine who in turn bought it from his cousin. The previous owner sorted out any problems the car had and I've just been able to enjoy it. Besides a few scratches, some parking stop rash from me pulling to far into spots and a small issues with portions of the headliner, the car is near perfect. I love the car, but my aged body doesn't. Getting in and out of the coupe isn't easy for me. I would keep it as a second car, but my wife and I downsized to a smaller home recently and there is only parking for two vehicles. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. James Knettel

    I wasn't able to upload photos, so here is a link to Google Photos album containing a few:

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    We never like to see a first post from an owner looking to sell their ZHP, but welcome! You can:
    - look through previous threads here for cars for sale to get an idea of asking prices.
    - look at Bring a Trailer completed auctions
    - check eBay for sold items

    Good luck!
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    white coupe with black interior is a somewhat rare combo that pops up for sale. i would say theres a few factors to consider:

    - how much of the previous work is documented
    - how much of the major maintenance/problematic items have been addressed in the past (CCV, vanos, etc.)
    - does the car need anything currently (tires, maintenance, broken mechanical/etc. items)

    If it has a good documented maintenance history and doesnt need any attention aside from the aesthetics you mentioned: i would think (personally) that car could sell for anywhere between 10-13k. I think it would sell for higher on bringatrailer as well, ZHP sales spiked (frequency of cars showing up for sale) on that site the second half of last year.
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    Per prod stats, this coupe is 1 of 31.
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    Welcome. Good luck with the sale.
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    1. Welcome!
    2. That's a great looking coupe! Alpine White is one of my favorite colors offered for the ZHP
    3. Pricing can really vary on location, accident history, maintenance history, and the car's condition.

    Personally, you have a manual (plus), a desirable color (plus), a coupe (some would argue a minus, but I'm about that coupe life), cold weather package (plus), low miles (big plus for some people), etc, I think you have a car that can sell for a decent price, but that depends on how long you're willing to wait. At the top end I'd say $15k, and work your way down if you aren't in a rush to sell.

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    James - I sent you a PM. Would love to connect.

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