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Thread: help with suspension refresh in Ga

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    I installed H&R sports and you definitely need to compress them. They were taller than my stock springs uncompressed. So it might be a good idea for you to bring them to a shop for strut mount installation if you don't have a compressor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JPMo View Post
    Interesting, so what you’re saying is ask them to put the strut mounts on and give them the new shocks and springs to replace them with or have them do the mounts since it saves you headache later?
    Well I typically take the shocks/springs/mount apart at home without the compressor to take whatever I need for the new ones. I just hit the top nut with an impact wrench (holding the impact wrench loosely). I use the curb to keep it in place so it can only fly in one direction. It doesn't fly out that much, maybe like 6 inches. Just gotta be careful about it and you're good. You can do it with normal hand tools. It just takes longer cause you can barely move the nut while keeping a safe distance lol

    But yeah otherwise, you can just take your front suspension off and just go to the shop and tell them what you wanna transfer over. It's super fast if they have a wall mounted compressor. Although, it sounds like you are replacing shocks, springs, & top mounts. You might as well just buy the washers/nuts/dust boots and just get that put together on it's own. That way you can just do the swap right away instead of having to stop midway through your DIY just to go to the shop and start again.

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