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Thread: My name is Chris and I have a problem...

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    My name is Chris and I have a problem...

    New owner of a ZHP here. 2003 Imola Red over Alcantara/cloth with black cube trim. Six speed sedan. Picked it up this week with 124,xxx miles for $5k. Already FCP’d $800 worth of parts plus new Michelin A/S3+ from Costco. On deck:

    • Complete cooling system except for radiator (going to see if that’s good first)
    • Belts (will check pulleys before ordering those)
    • Headlight len’s plus seal strips
    • Hood Roundel
    • One fog light surround
    • Cowl covering
    • Wiper blades
    • Valve cover reseal kit
    • Rear diff fluid
    • Oil change kit
    • Air filters (cabin and engine)
    • Lemforder front control arm bushings
    • DOT4 Brake fluid

    Should keep me busy awhile The weather is crappy here (live in Indiana) and I won’t drive it in the winter unless it’s dry so I have time to bring it up to snuff.

    Once all that is done, going to clean the engine real good and see if there are other leaks. The VC is leaking so bad it’s hard to tell what else is. I wouldn’t be surprised if the OFHG needs it too. I suspect the blower resistor is bad too because of an erratic fan. I think I have a spare somewhere. Drivers door squeaks so probably a new door stop. It drives really well though. Couldn’t even tell the FCABS were bad till I got under it. I’ve seen worse.

    This is actually my second ZHP. Bought a 2005 new and had it for four years. One of the few cars I got rid of in my life that I missed a lot so I am happy to be in another.

    I am an e46 freak. I still have:
    2001 325xiT 5-speed
    2002 325i 5-speed
    2002 M3 SMG
    2003 M3 SMG (dedicated track car)

    Hope to learn from this site and contribute back as well.


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    Welcome! Looks like you have plenty on your plate to keep you busy.

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    Welcome. Great stable of cars! GL with the work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foolio View Post
    My name is Chris and I have a problem...
    (as a group) “Hi Chris”
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    Howdy! That's a nice list of cars. Hope your garage is large.
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    Welcome, sir. You will love this forum. Any ZHP pics to share ?
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    Awesome. Surprised to see so many similar cars in the stable. Any of them being replaced by the zhp?

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    Near Indianapolis by chance?

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    welcome to the forum!
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    Hi Chris.

    And I thought I had an E46 problem...

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