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Thread: New Gear Shift Knob

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    Does anyone else have a coupon code for bmw mini parts store? I tried Roundel but it did not work for me. TIA

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    Thought I would add some content to this thread since I happened to have both a brand new OE and brand new knockoff sitting in the garage. I had bought the knockoff on a whim and didn't even install the piece of shit. I hassled the seller to return it, got some East Germany type of address to send it to, and then it got bounced around customs for a while and ended up back in my garage. If anyone wants the piece of shit, just pay postage and I'll send it on. Anyway, on to the comparo...

    Dimensionally, it's pretty spot on. The lower trim ring is shinier on the knockoff. The pleather has a grain to it. Not terrible.

    Here's where we start to see the quality shine through. The pleather is poorly wrapped into the top recess causing the pattern insert to not seat correctly. If I try to seat it better, it just pops right back up.

    The pattern inserts are comparable. The knockoff is obviously a knockoff when the two are next to each other but not something I would ever notice otherwise.

    Flip them over and see that the knockoff does not have the damping foam around the post hole that the OE has. No surprise there. It cheap.

    So what else is the knockoff missing? Apparently a lot! The OE knob is literally twice the weight. This would be a major downgrade in shifting. This is why I tried to send this thing back to the Soviet Bloc. Trash.

    And yes, the pupper chose the OE
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    Thanks for sharing.

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    +1. that has got to be the most thorough shifter comparo i've ever read lol

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