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Thread: Tims 05 ZHP restoration and build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thatguy_JZ View Post
    It's coming along good! This reminds me of when I got mine. My interior wasn't that dirty but I still felt nasty in it. The previous owner even left some packs of very small condoms in the glovebox.

    Oh, did someone say Tacoma??

    Sweet Tacoma man!! Very tastefully modified I must say!

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    Thanks! You too! I've always liked the TE-37's on our truck.
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    More goodies waiting for me when I got home from work today. Front window regulators, new cup holder, gas cap, and cheap fog grilles. Cup holder and gas cap were a no brainer. Fuel door area needed some serious cleaning though. Also figured Id toss the SS Brake hoes on while I was at it. Did a full brake fluid flush and clutch hydraulics flush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZHPizza View Post
    Yup I still love mine. There's some output pics in here:
    Those look awesome and plug/play is ideal for sure! Check out these Baja Design lights. They're 3150 lumen per light. Complete game changer for backroad cruises. Im going try to adapt these.

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    Dang, my gas cap area don't look quite this good.
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    Looks great!

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    More progress today! I changed the oil filter stand gasket, vanos line, idler/tensioner pulleys, and belts. Changed the rear diff fluid with Motul 75w90 and Transmission with Redline D4.

    Also got my Coby Wheel, shift knob and boot. What a game changer for the interior!! Strangely enough, the new ZHP shift knob is noticeably heavier than my existing knob. Im inclined to believe my original knob is OEM ZHP given that this car is completely stock. Just kind of strange the new one is so much heavier yet otherwise identical. If anyone wants my original knob, it's all yours, just pay shipping.

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    looks soooooo good. I got an insta-boner when I opened my coby box for my car a while back. Such a good upgrade.

    I really need to get a new ZHP knob, mine is in great shape for being original but a new one looks great.
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    Thanks BADCLOWN. I basically needed to change my pants after grabbing the new coby wheel for the first time. Worth every penny, thats for sure!

    The past few days I have been very buys but managed to make some more progress on the zhp. Forgot to take pictures of the coilover install but Im sure y'all know what that looks like any way. Also did the left front window regulator, replaced with a VDO unit. Still need to tackle the right front regulator.

    Last night I did the Valve Cover Gasket since it was dripping on the rear position primary O2 sensor. Very pleased and surprised to see how clean this engine is inside with 184k on the clock! Clanged the oil as well.

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    Beautiful inards!
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