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Thread: Tims 05 ZHP restoration and build

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    Just seeing this post...great score on the ZHP, and excellent work! You are absolutely doing it the right way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suppra87 View Post
    Bilstein PSS. The standard kit, non-adjustable dampening. Really nice ride quality! Easily nice enough for daily driving yet very controlled when it needs to be.

    Nice! Thanks for the reply, Im trying to decide between the Billys, OE ZHP or take a chance with BCs

    Car looks fantastic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by delvin View Post
    Nice! Thanks for the reply, I’m trying to decide between the Billys, OE ZHP or take a chance with BC’s

    Car looks fantastic!
    In my opinion...Bilstein PSS hands down. I can't comment on new factory ZHP stuff cause mine was clapped out but ive driven 50+ different e46s and even with replacement suspension they don't come close to the PSS system. Additionally, I have BC's on both my E39 525i (Ford Coyote 5.0 swapped) and my ST185 Celica All-trac; while I like them both in terms of handling, the comfort/handling ratio just isn't there for me. Again just my take on it.

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    The PO owner found these headlamp alignment instructions somewhere. I didn't use them, but I hope they help.

    Name:  headlamp.jpg
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    Thank you!! Ill try that today.

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    Sorry I haven't updates this project lately! This zhp has made me realize how long Ive needed an E46 in my life. Ive been really enjoying putting miles on this car (almost 1800 so far). It drives incredibly well and ive been averaging 26.2 mpg....driving a little faster than I should be.

    Ive been busy making improvements but got lazy with taking pictures at times. Im sure y'all have seen most of this anyway.
    I got carried away with rebuilding the DISA valve and the VANOS assembly and didn't take any pics.

    I was sick of my Pillar trim flapping in the wind so I wrapped the A,B, and C pillars in foam backed alcantara. Turned out great!

    Then I replaced the engine and transmission mounts. The old engine mounts had sagged ~1/2", due for replacement. Old trans mounts didn't look too bad but they're super cheap, easy and had 185k on no-brainer.

    I began to get a bad fuel smell in the car after filling my fuel tank for the second time. Turned out the top of the fuel pump housing had cracked and somehow leaked fuel in the car. It melted all the factory sounds deadening material. I replaced the pump with a new VDO assembly. Also scraped up and replaced all the sound deadening then a de-coupled layer of Mass loaded vinyl on top,

    Both of my ZKW headlights had seen better days, even have sanding/polishing the lenses. I decided to rebuild them using lenses labeled for AL headlights but fit the ZKW 100% perfect. Also a set of new metal Bi-Xenon D2S projectors from Retrofitlabs. Good amount of work but so well worth the results.

    Thats all for now!

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    Nice werk!

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    Great work! I'm always so jealous of you guys with the lifts in the garage. I'll join the club one day.

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