Hello Fellow ZHPians,

I am looking to sell my 2006 ZHP. I had to move to a new state for work and i just dont have the time to maintain it.
Please look at the craigslist ad for pictures.

DM if you have any questions or need additional info.


VIN: WBABD534X6PL18407
Year: 2006
Make: BMW
Model: 330CI
Price: $8500
Mileage: 128,816
Transmission type: AT
Body Type (coupe or sedan): Coupe
Color: Black
Location: please see the craigslist ad

I bought it from a dealer in May 2017 with approx 90,000 miles .
I have listed all the maintenance performed in the order of date.

- power steering pump (May 2017) (dealer replacement)

- re-done cooling system with OE parts .(Expansion tank ,thermostat,water pump and al) (June 2017)

- new wheel bearings on all 4 wheels. (November 2017)

-re-done both front lower control arms with brand new OEM ZHP lower control arms.
-refreshed the entire suspension system (2 shocks, 2 struts, strut mounts and shock mounts) with brand new OEM ZHP parts
-refreshed the whole Braking system with brand new OEM parts (4 Brake disks, all brake pads, all brake lines and brake sensors)
Spent $3000 for all the above parts(Have Reciepts). (November 2018)

- replaced all the 4 Oxygen sensors with Brand new OEM parts 2 months ago (have reciepts) (January 2019)

- - replaced all spark plugs and throttle bodies.(March 2019)

- replaced the MAF sensor(OE) and Intake Boot(OEM) (June 2019)

- replaced the wipers (November 2019)

All the above parts were ordered from FCP euro

- Has CSL replica Wheels.
- Oil Change every 5k miles (Liqui Moly 5W40).
- 8 month old continental tires (discount tire)
- brand new battery
- I get it checked for subframe crack everytime i take it for an oil change and have not found any cracks.

Now for the imperfections:
- the power steering hose leak
- one headlight lens is a little faded.
- potential leak in water pump.
- steering wheel shows signs of wear
- the dashboard trim on the passenger side is a little loose.

DM if you have any questions or need additional info.