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Thread: Strange Sounds from Clutch Pedal

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    Strange Sounds from Clutch Pedal

    Hello all,

    I've had my ZHP for about eight months now and it is a few miles from 100k. The previous owner took immaculate care for the car and the car is great. However, I did notice some weird sounds coming from the clutch pedal whenever I would use it. The car is still on its stock clutch, and the fluid was swapped by my previous owner at 58000 miles.

    Most importantly today, I noticed that there is a slight clicking noise in the pedal when I am perhaps 3/4 of the way down. I don't feel anything out of the ordinary with the clutch, and for the most part it performs great. The sound is almost like clicking a spring-loaded switch. This sound only came on when the car was off, and when I press the clutch when the engine is off, I only notice a slight rubbing noise, kind of like the low pitch noise of perhaps paper rubbing against a carpet. I assume that is not an issue.

    After driving to Manhattan, with plenty of stop and go traffic, I noticed that the clutch pedal would start to creak when I finally came to a stop. This noise happens when the car is both on and off, but only after intense bumper to bumper traffic. The creaking is audible from both inside and outside of the car. After driving in normal traffic for the most part I do not hear the creak.

    I also did notice that I am having a bit difficulty in shifting as of recently. Sometimes it would start bouncing in first, and I mistimed my shift once while powershifting up, with the rpm's racing up but remaining in neutral. I don't know if this is attributed to the clutch, but I am attributing it to probably being me being lazy and my own error, respectively.

    Any help or diagnosis would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read all this mess!
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    Doesn't sound too concerning. The click is likely the switch that allows to start the car (clutch must be depressed).
    The creak in the pedal is no big.

    You're clutch is still grabbing right? If you put it in 5th at 15 mph and press on the gas forcefully, the engine dies not Rev quickly, right?
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    Take the kick panel off and stick your head under there and look. Make sure a bolt didn't come loose, the return spring isn't damaged and still has the rubber grommets in place where it hooks to the clutch pedal, pivot points are greased, clutch safety switch is still in place, ect
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