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Thread: Replacing heater return hose (that attaches to expansion tank)

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    Replacing heater return hose (that attaches to expansion tank)

    Hey guys.

    I was replacing the water pump, expansion tank & hoses this week when I noticed that the connection from the heater return hose to the expansion tank was leaking (my guess is the o-ring has gone bad). (pn:64218376153)

    Traced the hose in behind the engine.

    My question is, can I replace it by removing the cabin air filter or does the intake manifold need to come off?

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    I don't know the answer but man, that car has been good to you! You joined in 2011 and have only posted 28 times!
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    Ha! Over-all pretty good.
    The coolant system has been an issue a few times but that's no surprise.
    My commuting miles are on the low side every year, that helps allot.

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    I'm pretty sure it can be done without removing the intake manifold . It'll be a little tight at the firewall, but should be accessible. As a heads up, the Rein branded hose is the OEM for BMW. The screw clamps even have the Roundel on them.

    Here are some photos of the area and hoses for your reference:

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    Thanks, yep I got the Rein replacement.
    I did it just by removing the cabin air filter housing.
    Apparently the connector by the firewall is somewhat fragile so the easiest thing was to cut the old hose off.
    Then I used a couple of metal picks to pry off what was left(which I had sprayed down with wd-40).

    To tighten up the clamp I used a 6mm socket, a universal joint and extension, as I couldn't get a good angle with the screwdriver.

    It was a little on the tight side but no need to remove the intake manifold.
    Fairly straight forward.

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    If you've never replaced the two coolant pipes that run under the intake, it would be a good idea to go ahead and pull the intake and replace them. They are prone to cracking, and almost always crack when being removed.
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