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Thread: Driver side rear locks on heavy braking

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    Driver side rear locks on heavy braking

    Finally got some time to drive the car today. Everything going great until I hit the brakes real hard and the rear driver wheel locked up completely. I slid along for a bit, tried taking my foot off the brake and then applying again but it did not unlock until came to a complete stop. Then everything felt fine. Tested it again on another straight length of road and exactly the same thing happened. Went back to check and there is only one wheel left a skidmark.

    Took the caliper off and everything looks good- piston moves in and out fine, caliper body not seized, pads look good.

    Did not see any asr/dsr/dsc/abs lights on the dash.

    No codes afterwards.

    Stumped, suspect DSC delete but havenít taken a look at the write-ups yet.

    Open to ideas.

    Oh - and now I cant pull it out of the garage, I canít get it into reverse, even with the engine off. Sheesh.

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    On further inspection it looks like the rear sway bar is in contact with the control arms. That’s not right, I wonder whether the setup is all wrong. Also maybe possible the e brake cable is being bound up when the suspension unloads during braking. Proper inspection this weekend. More to come

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