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Thread: 2005 330i ZHP 6 speed - sitting at bodyshop

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    2005 330i ZHP 6 speed - sitting at bodyshop

    I have a 2005 ZHP 6-speed manual. Wrecked on freeway in Oakland, CA. The car is sitting at a body shop in Danville, CA. 150,000 miles, perfect condition but crashed in the front. Anybody interested in looking at my car? I need to get it moved from the body shop. Hate to see it go to the salvage yard.

    Its a factory ZHP. Its silver with grey leather interior and has all options. Car very well maintained. Drives wonderful with new tires. Just changed all vacuum lines and battery.

    Problem is I live in San Diego, the car would have to be towed as it is undriveable. I didn't have collision on my car so its basically totaled. Its a beautiful car and despite the crash, its in great condition. Would love to see this car go to someone who would be able to fix it up and use it rather than to a junkyard for parts. The mags alone are worth going to get that car. Thinking about getting a 335i, would love to put those mags on a new car.

    You think it would be worth it for me to spend the money on towing it back?

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    Are you looking sell/part out or sell as a whole? Title Status & pictures would help too.


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    It needs to be a local pick up only. I just need to move it off the lot. I'm looking to sell as a whole cheaply. Name:  IMG_4561.JPG
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    Any idea if the engine is good? Accessories? Did the car run for a while after the accident?

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    Sorry to see it go, definitely interested in a part out if you've got style 135s

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    The car stopped immediately. I believe that when the airbag deployed, it shut the engine off. No idea if the engine is good now but it was beautiful. It had all the accessories; winter package, sports package, and had the trim package.

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    yep, it had the 135s wheels.

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