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Thread: BlueBUS

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPMo View Post
    So I’ve been having an issue with my bluebus. I am unable to cycle through the menus and options easily because the LCD display is continuously going back to the main menu and cycling through text. Adjusting bass or treble takes twice as long as I have to basically start from the beginning with every adjustment
    Easy! Hit the "2" button before you try to do anything, so the BlueBus stops updating the display .

    Unfortunately, the radio doesn't announce that the user is pressing any of the buttons, so I can't account for this any other way.


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    Just wanted to give an update on my Bluebus intallation and shout-out to Ted for his patience and perseverance in helping me with my install. After connecting the Bluebus I kept getting a no magazine notification when using the mode button to set up pairing. After working with Ted he determined that I had an Ipod interface unit installed in my 2006 ci convertible and that was interfering with the pairing of the Bluebus unit. I pulled the fuse from the Ipod interface and then everything worked as it should. Thought I should post this incase anyone else runs into this issue. Thanks again to Ted for his help and great product.

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