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    Thank you so much for sharing your experience locating the correct wires to install the blueBus. I’m really excited to install it. Please DO send photos throughout your setup in your ZHP onto this forum. Would be very curious to see how you place the blueBus and how you located everything. I will be checking in on how everyone does.

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    Was your CD changer a silver box underneath the Black Navigation DVD Box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMWM3186 View Post
    I had the same issue, I had to think about it for a minute. There are some plastic pop rivots on the trunk liner remove those and you should be able to remove the carpet covering the cd changer in the back. On my 05 coupe there were 4 8mm bolts holding the 6cd changer in. Remove those and pull out the cd changer, there will be two wires plugged into it. Remove those and plug them into the bluebus.

    You are finished now except for the calling function, I havent received my 26 pin? adapter for that yet but there is a bundle of wires wrapped up in a foam blanket near the cd changer. There were 4 cables total in that bundle, one being for the 26 pin for the calling functions of the bluebus. Im guessing we have no use for the other 3.

    Was your CD changer a silver box underneath the Black Navigation DVD Box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Collegestudentwithazhp View Post
    Was your CD changer a silver box underneath the Black Navigation DVD Box?
    I donít have a navigation box. But the cd changer should say cd changer on it and have a place where you can put 6 cds.

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    Just installed mine today, although I haven't received my casing yet...

    It is my understanding that you don't want the latest mic. According to the bluebus site itself you want part #84318380338 or #84318380319 NOT #84316938762, which I believe is the most recent part number.

    The e39 source youtube video shows you exactly which two plugs you need to power on and get sound. The wires are the same in the e46 as the e39. Unraveled there is a considerable length of wire to work with- that may help as an identifying factor.

    For people who chose not to buy a $25 cable, below is a ling on how to pin for the mic function.

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    Great info, thanks!

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    I got the thing yesterday ('06 ZHP coupe, HK, no nav) it works like a charm. Metadata on the old OEM display, etc...super cool, Ted Salmon got it done! I'm trying to figure out how to tie in the mic on the ceiling as a bonus. I plan on pulling the trunk apart again once I get a part or two.

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