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Thread: WTB: Imola Sedan - 6 speed - PNW

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    WTB: Imola Sedan - 6 speed - PNW

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    I am a new member living in the PNW. I have a red BMW fetish and NEED an Imola 6 Speed ZHP! My previous 1973 2002 was Verona and my current 1987 535is is Brilliantrot.

    I am looking for an Imola 6-speed sedan in the Pacific Northwest preferably under 150K miles with adequate maintenance records and condition (especially with Covid, otherwise I would travel to Cali or further). Looking for a mostly stock car, no S54 swaps or coil-overs etc.

    Let me know if you have anything you are interested in parting with.


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    Hello from a fellow PNWer (north seattle). Good luck with your search! I ended up having to bring my ZHP in from NorCal by truck.

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    Welcome! GLWSearch.

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    Welcome, sir ! There are good IR ZHPs out there. Patience is key. It took me around 2 years to find mine. I got lucky because it checked all the boxes: IR sedan, local transaction, seller was a member on this forum, lots of svc records, no mods.
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    Welcome, fellow PacNWer!

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    Bump! Still looking for an Imola MT Sedan! While a prefer Imola, open to other well taken care of cars along the West coast

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