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    I...I want that wing on the ZHP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMWCurves View Post
    I...I want that wing on the ZHP.
    Yeah, that was arguably the best aero package the team has ever made. We cut a significant amount of weight from the wings, increased the downforce, and improved fit & finish: win-win-win

    Sexy carbon fibre because racecar:

    Green tape to protect the finish before final assembly:

    Perhaps, I should look into making a small production run of CSL roofs......... lol jk building that was an insane amount of work, with 80% of the time spent on sanding and prepping the molds.

    Now, back to the main program:

    I realized from my last post that I forgot to include a pic I took after Iíd cleaned the car. Probably my favourite interior pic that I have:

    Zoom forwards a bit to the end of May, at the FSAE Canadian competition. Bear in mind that this was about a year ago, back when new Supras were quite rare. Man, front plates really do spoil the look of that car. From what I was told, a guy from TMMC (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada) came to check out the competition and potentially recruit:

    Anyways, another few weeks passed and a maintenance wash was in store. But I also took the wheels off to fully clean the rims + re-coat with Poorboyís wheel sealant.


    After (and as Iím writing this, I totally planned to have the wheel weights in the same orientation for both shots lolz):

    Since the wheels were off, I decided to replace my front ARB droplinks. I had actually bought these back in California two years ago, but just never got around to installing them. One of the boots was torn, so it was definitely time to swap them out:

    I also randomly decided to re-lube the front caliper slide pins with silicone paste. When I pulled out one of the lower slide pins, I had a rather unpleasant surprise:

    Well, at least it tightened when I went to reinstall it. Which is something I cannot say for the other side Ė the slide pin just kept spinning! I never checked these since I bought the car, so Iíve done quite a few autoxís, one or two light braking events from 240 km/h, and my big road trip with this stripped slide pin. Grrrrrrr and this is why I never take my car anywhere. Stupid stupid generic shop that did the brakes and the safety inspection back in 2015.

    I did some research into fixing it with a helicoil or thread insert and found that is M9 X 1.25. Apparently this is a common thread for slide pins. Who the hell thought of this, why not just make it M10??? None of the local hardware stores had one, and it was even hard to come across online (heck, McMaster-Carr, the holy grail of all online stores that cater to building/engineering supplies, didnít stock it). Luckily a Chinese seller on eBay had a full kit for sale (drill bit, tap, helicoil install tool, and a bunch of helicoils) for pretty cheap. The downside is that stuff from China takes freaking forever to ship. So I figured, since this fastener wasnít under any actual tension, and that I had been driving like this for 4 years, it was fine to just send it.

    While there I inspected all wheel wells, and found one small spot on the MIG weld where the strut tower is welded to the rest of the body (behind the strut and just above the FCA):

    And here is why I say that no body shop is perfect. This is inside my driverís side wheel well, pointing up and towards the rear bumper. This area was repaired with my accident in California, and although they did an excellent job with the paint, I shouldnít be seeing this much rust after only 2 years (and when most of the time, the car was sitting):

    Definitely best to repair it now, before it spreads to the outside surface and requires an actual body shop to make it look good. So I placed an order for more POR15 and bought some foam brushes in preparation for repairs.
    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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    A couple weeks later itís mid-June, and itís the first autox event for me of the season. The first event in that series (PITL) actually started in May but again I was busy with school & FSAE:

    6 days later, another autox with OMSC at Mosport:

    Even got to tootle around on the GP track during lunch (Alligator lapping):

    Then something fairly dramatic Ė during one of the runs this guyís wheel randomly flew off. Luckily no one was hurt. From what I heard, he was using the wrong type of lug nuts. He had OEM 370Z rims mounted, which sheared right around the lugs.

    You can see the parent material of the 370Z rims still torqued down on the rotor. I really feel for the guy!

    A few days later I finally got around to installing my aux cord. I actually bought this on eBay back in 2017, but again somehow never got around to installing it.

    My glovebox flashlight was so dim it was basically useless at that point, so I cannibalized it and turned it into another 12V outlet. I plugged in a USB charger to that, so I could power my Aux-Bluetooth adapter switched with the sleep/wake of the car. Then ran my aux cable from behind the dash to behind the glovebox. I donít have any controls aside from volume, but I canít complain considering the whole setup to get Bluetooth audio cost less than $10. I really shouldíve done this earlier Ė during my California road trip I would sometimes be stuck for hours with either no radio reception, or 1 radio station that only played country. Nowadays, Spotify is all I listen to when I drive.

    Next was tackling the aforementioned rust. Off came the rear bumper:

    Into the house it went:

    Hmmm, doesnít look so badÖ

    Unsurprisingly, it was much worse:

    Bunch of sanding with the sanding attachment on the Dremel:

    There was also a random rust spot in the wheel well itself:

    And, the rusted weld in the front wheel well:

    Soak with POR15 Metal Prep to prevent further rusting once painted, then rinse & dry and paint:

    I gave all 3 spots couple coats of POR15 base coat, then left the rear & front wheel wells as-is. With the areas close to the rear arch, I top-coated that with some colour-matched touch-up paint just to blend it in a bit better:

    I then degreased all the areas on the body behind the bumper, and wrapped everything up. Definitely glad to have (hopefully) stopped that rust from spreading:

    2 weeks later, yet another autox with PITL:

    Unfortunately (or rather fortunately) I then took a 6 week vacation for my graduation, so my car just sat. Went to Japan (bought some small goodies at Super Autobacs for my car) and drove the R32 GTR at the backroads by Mt. Fuji (maybe the one I drove was clapped out, but itís definitely overrated Ė my E46 handles way better in the twisties. I really liked the RB26 though). Also spent some time with extended family in Singapore and Malaysia, and also went to Bali for the first time.

    Back from my trip at the end of August, I resumed driving my car by putting a bloody scrape in the front bumper, arrrgggh. Just me stupidly getting a bit too close to the wall at the underground garage at my apartment. My front bumper has never looked good, there are multiple spots of peeling clear, and it has so many rock chips that you would think itís been sandblastedÖ but at least it looks uniform! This scrape is quite noticeable from some distance away. Iím thinking about getting it repaired and painted, but Iíd also have to do the hood as well, since thatís peppered with rock chips too. The one good thing about having bad front-end paint was that I didnít care too much about normal wear and tear, for example any rock chips or bug guts that would have ruined the paint on my road trip. Because of that piece of mind I think Iíll leave it for now, but damn! Iím so pissed at myself:

    Anyways, not a whole lot to report before storing my car for the winter. Just 3 more autoxís, for a total of 6 autoxís for the summer. Not bad considering I was gone for a month and a half!

    Last round of PITL:

    Got a nice video to go along with this one (thanks to a passengerís helmet cam):

    Unfortunately, no pics at TLMC in Barrie. Followed by that, the last round of OMSC at Mosport. It was a fairly rainy October, and only ~25 people showed up. So I ended up getting 13 runs!

    Alas, come end of October, bad weather was quickly approaching, so it was time to store the car.

    Started off with the floor mats, a nice vacuum is definitely needed:

    Then spray with carpet cleaner, and rinse:

    After a proper clean, the mats are like new!

    I was too lazy to bring the vacuum out for how little dirt there was on the carpets, so I just found some cheap dollar-store masking tape I had laying around and used that to clean the carpets out (the light marks are just worn spots):

    Standard 3 bucket wash:

    After which I found a long scratch where I hit a cone:

    2 minutes later with polish and a MF towel, all gone:

    Brimmed the tank:

    Tire pressures to maximum:

    One last goodbye before car cover goes on:

    Canít forget the butt plug, donít want foreign objects going up it:

    See you in 2020!

    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnrando View Post

    Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
    Thanks, hopefully the repair lasts! Will keep monitoring during my annual wheel-well/underbody check-in.

    Well, I lied about the fact that I wouldnít see my car until 2020. Come Christmas break I was itching for something to do, and decided to re-wrap my pillars. My B-pillars werenít too bad, but the A-pillars were sagging quite a bit. But that was nothing compared to the C-pillars Ė the stock fabric was actually hanging down and covering the vanity lights! So end of last year I lifted the car cover and pulled all the pillars out:

    I did briefly consider pulling the fabric and leaving it, but there were nasty glue marks left behind:

    Not sure how people wrap their C-pillars with one piece, or how the stock fabric has no relief cuts. That one curved section by the rear window vent actuator needed a relief cut, and patch. Itís not ideal, but at least I donít notice it:

    Unfortunately I didnít buy enough fabric to recover the B-Pillars, but they only needed the sides gluing down. The mismatch with the A & C-pillars doesnít really bother me:

    The A-pillars turned out decent. The only gripe I have with them is that the airbag strip doesnít sit quite flush, but still pushes into its slot and stays in place:

    All installed:

    Looking back on this project, I wasnít aware that you could buy material online that was a very close match to OEM fabric, so I wish I did that instead of buying generic black alcantara. The stuff I bought seems to be very high-quality, it feels just like a brand-new alcantara steering wheel, but there is a definite mismatch in shade with the headliner. But itís a heck of a lot better than stock, and as I was now satisfied with scratching my itch I put the car cover back and waited until April to take my car out again.

    But one small thing to add before the next update Ė in February of this year myself and a few others were going to be driving to Austin, Texas for a workshop (2 day drive, for a 3 day workshop, donít ask). Given how much Canadians get screwed over for cross-border shipping, I decided to use this to my advantage and make an FCP Euro parts run and have those shipped to Austin for pickup. As I was planning on tracking this summer (hahahahahahahahahahaha) I purchased pads, rotors, and fluid, so Iím not so thermally limited with standard no-name pads, and to get rid of my slightly warped rotors.

    I purchased:

    • Zimmermann Rotors
    • Hawk HPS Pads
    • ATE Type 200 DOT4 Brake Fluid
    • Exhaust Manifold to Midpipe Gaskets (in case I have to drop the exhaust to replace the handbrake cables, when I do my handbrake rebuild this summer)

    Funny story Ė I figured, since I was staying at the Hilton Austin, that I could just have my packages shipped via UPS to the UPS office within the hotel. But after talking with them, they wanted $80 to hold the packages, ďbecause itís a conference centreĒ. So instead I had it shipped via Fedex to the Fedex office a 10 minute drive away, and just picked them up there for free. And when I got back to the hotel I consolidated some of the boxes to cut down on trunk space, so I had spares. This may have been a slightly dick-ish move, but I seriously couldnít find a big recycling bin, so I brought the empty boxes to the UPS office and asked if I could recycle them there.

    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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    Whew, we’re officially into the same year as this posting, and nearly caught up! Car came out of storage again in April. I had some nice Tesa tape on hand so I decided to fix some of Tim’s sketchy wiring from 2015, along with some of the peeling harness wrap in the engine bay.

    Back when I first got the car I hardwired my dash cam, taking power off the homelink garage opener. But I wasn’t too electrically savvy back then. Having built the majority of a full engine harness for the FSAE car has taught me a few things, and man looking back on this I really shake my head on what I did.

    It’s not the best solder joint in the world, but at least I did pull out the $10 soldering iron I had back then. But since I spliced too close to the homelink connector, there was no space for heat shrink, so I put a small piece of electrical tape over it. Over the 5 years it’s been installed, that piece of electrical tape became unwrapped, leaving live +12V exposed.

    My homebrew 12 to 5V stepdown also shown:

    Used some high-quality electrical tape as insulation, then wrapped everything with fabric sound-deadening interior harness wrap tape:

    Decided I’d follow what Porsche does, and wrapped the seatbelt buckle in the same tape to prevent scuffing of the centre console:

    Also took the opportunity to take both beauty covers off and clean. Unfortunately not a full-out detail since I didn’t have time, but better than it was before:

    Then, re-wrapped this harness behind the airbox with abrasion & heat-resistant engine bay harness wrap tape:

    I had a small split in the plastic loom that runs above the thermostat, which I repaired a couple years ago with regular electrical tape. I highly urge people not to use this stuff – after a few years, it’ll be a sticky, brittle mess. Re-wrapped it with the same engine bay harness tape:

    Engine bay pic after the partial clean. Still need to do a proper detail on it:

    I’ve always had these scratches in the BMW Performance Intake. My bet is that some grease monkey used it as a workbench for his tools, when working on the car. And this is why I don’t take my car anywhere… after asking around I think I’ll try a Magic Eraser, then Solution Finish and see how that turns out. Just gotta buy it first:

    Then I thought I’d take care of the small split in the elephant wire sheathing for the trunk. Normally I’d replace this, but since I wasn’t making an FCP Euro order anytime soon, I decided to try using some self-vulcanizing tape. I’ve had great success using this stuff on the FSAE harness, and even sealed a leaking gas line for our MIG welder.

    If this repair doesn’t hold up, I’ll place an order for a new sheath, but I bet it’s waterproof. If applied properly, you can’t even unwrap it – for removal, you must cut it off, as all layers have fused together.

    My car also really needed a wash. California road-trip aside, I think this is the dirtiest I’ve had my car:

    Aaaaah… much better!

    Lately, I’d been keeping a constant eye out for local partouts. Rock-chippy front-end paint aside, my car has had a couple cosmetic issues that have always slightly bugged me – ugly door seals, and a cracked passenger’s headlight. But these issues weren’t big enough to warranty me paying the prices that a used headlight or door seal go for.

    I’m sure as many of you coupe owners know, some door seals were faulty from factory, where the fabric inner lining would separate from the rubber seal. The PO tried to glue it but ended up ripping it off, leaving an ugly brown mess. As I mentioned before the body shop in California ended up tearing the driver’s side seal, so I was lucky in the fact that they bought a brand-new one ($$$) and replaced it for free. So that left just the passenger’s side to deal with.

    And as for the passenger’s headlight, well all facelift coupe owners have been cursed with non-removeable lenses from factory. And it seems the only aftermarket replacement lense is $200 for a set, which is insane considering what sedan or pre-facelift lenses cost.

    I guess my car is sort of like two-face at this point, haha. Cracked headlight, bad door seal, and scraped bumper – all on the same side!

    But an ad popped up recently about a guy selling the rear quarters and hood off a facelift coupe. So naturally, I messaged him about the passenger’s door seal, and headlights. He hadn’t even posted ads for these parts yet, so he wasn’t sure what they were worth. The result of which, after some negotiation, concluded in a flaming deal that had me coming home with a set of headlights and the one door seal that day:

    After some cleaning, the door seal was indeed in excellent condition as the seller had mentioned. Not bad, considering I paid well <10% of what it cost brand-new:

    And the headlights… well, they definitely need some elbow grease. As these are non-dynamic xenons, I’ll be swapping the passenger’s side lense onto my housing, and vice-versa. I then plan on wet-sanding to get all of the pitting and cloudiness out, then spraying with 2K clear to prevent them from getting yellow and cloudy again. Then, another wet-sand with 2000 grit (only if there is significant orange peel). Then compound and polishing with my DA, to get the surface as perfect as possible.

    Quite grimy outside, but clean inside!

    Both headlight lenses were cracked right under the headlight washer. I’ll have to stop-drill the root, then epoxy. I’m not concerned about this, as you can’t see it when installed:

    To celebrate the purchase, I then went on a late-night COVID cruise. Might as well take advantage of the cheap gas, and empty roads.

    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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    I’d been staying at my apartment near campus working from home (as a grad student), but decided to move back home, at least until this whole virus thing blows over. Normally when I drive home for the weekend I’d just bring a backpack, but this time around I had a lot more stuff to bring home. I brought back:

    • 4 winter tires (I brought them over a few weeks ago, to try some empty parking-lot drifting)
    • 2 headlights, and the 1 door seal
    • Roll-on-the-floor cooler
    • Laundry basket w/ clothes, bedsheets
    • 24” computer monitor
    • 3 laptops, 2 chargers
    • Wireless keyboard
    • Backpack w/ bunch o’ other stuff
    • … and lastly, my computer desk chair

    Pssssssssh, SUVs… who needs em when a coupe will suffice?! After this, my interior is definitely in dire need of a good cleaning though – just waiting on nicer weather to arrive.

    My eKombi module had arrived at home and was awaiting installation. It’s essentially an oil & water temp, battery voltage, and vehicle speed gauge that displays on the stock radio or MK4 nav. I had been looking for an easy and stealthy way to get oil temp, so this seemed like the perfect solution. So the next day I started working on that.

    Naturally, the first thing I did was fabric tape the harness:

    This module splices into the wires that go into the gauge cluster (IKE). I quickly found out the hard way that the stock fabric tape’s residue broke down over the years, which left a nasty, sticky surprise to deal with:

    I then pulled the connector housing off, which reveals the pin numbering so you know which pins to splice into:

    This mod was one of those, where everything went wrong. There are a total of 5 wires to splice into, but the pin for the oil level sensor was non-existent at the IKE connector. I sent a message to the seller, and he responded to splice into pin 39 in the 52-pin connector at the DME. But before he had suggested that, I also came to the same conclusion, but the wiring diagrams I look at said to splice into pin 50. Unfortunately it was already late in Germany due to the time difference, so the seller couldn’t confirm my thoughts. In my haste to get the install done I ran the wire through, and spliced it the way I thought it should be done:

    Then I turned the ignition on, and… nothing. Since the module pulls power by being hooked up in parallel to IKE power, I probed those pins with ignition on and saw +12V, but nothing at the module. After some thought I checked all my connections and realized that I didn’t push the wire taps in all the way (even though the plastic cover closed). Used pliers to fully compress the wire taps, and the module now worked and showed ĺ parameters – the one that didn’t show was oil temp:

    Then, the seller got back to me and still said to connect to pin 39. But that pin was unused on my connector:

    Unfortunately, before checking this pin, I had already cut the original wire tap off (since it didn’t seem like it was reusable). I re-checked the wiring diagrams and the wire colour stated there matched what was on my car. At this point I was fairly frustrated, so I just took a crappy butt crimp I had and re-connected that same wire back up:

    Probably the shittiest thing I’ve done electrically, but it passed the pull test. And it’s not going anywhere after re-wrapping the connector wires in fabric tape:

    I then decided to try starting the car, and seeing what happens. And to my surprise, it worked! This might’ve been stupid, but I suspect that it was just because I had previously turned ignition on to test the module, and not actually started the car. To be fair, the other 3 parameters displayed correctly without starting, so I had assumed oil temp would as well.

    But since everything worked, I buttoned it all up. This install took a couple days, working on and off, as I had to diagnose quite a few things and wait for the seller’s response. According to him, I’m the first in North America to have one (though, credits to Galapolis for introducing this module!). But that one evening between the 2 days of working, I took the opportunity to polish out my gauge cluster:

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my compound, so this one deep scratch was something I couldn’t get out:

    Before installing the gauge cluster I cleaned up the harness, wrapped everything in fabric tape, and secured the module with zipties:

    Although this mod didn't go as planned (required heaps of diagnosing, and routing the extra wire through the firewall) I'm still glad to have it in my car, as it'll come in handy with the track days I had planned for this summer (lolz). Indicated oil temp seems very reasonable - lags by coolant temp about 30-40 deg until both are at operating, where during normal driving it stays around 98-100 deg. Haven't had the chance to push the car yet, but I'm curious as to what oil temps on the track would be like.

    And with this post, we’re fully caught up! If you’ve managed to read through all of my ramblings, then kudos to you. But, from here on out updates will be much, much slower.
    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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    I'm jealous of your NAV screen. Mine has dead pixels. It was ok until 2 years ago, then I needed to park outdoors for 6 months. Maybe the TX heat was a factor.

    The biggest item I carried on my ZHP was a dolly, folding seats were handy.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
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    Nice work! Where did you source the fabric tape?
    2006 330ci ZHP - Silbergrau Metallic / Stoff Laser/Anthrazit / Alu Black Cube trim / Adaptive Xenon headlights / HK hi-fi system / heated front seats

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredo View Post
    I'm jealous of your NAV screen. Mine has dead pixels. It was ok until 2 years ago, then I needed to park outdoors for 6 months. Maybe the TX heat was a factor.

    The biggest item I carried on my ZHP was a dolly, folding seats were handy.
    Hmmmm, I can't tell if MK4 prices are going down because they're getting obsolete, or if they're going up as they get rarer. If it's the former then it may be worth looking into a used one, if you want to retain the factory nav.

    Mine's in great shape but certainly not perfect - I polished out that dark anti-glare coating since it was all scratched up, and accidentally put a small scratch on the screen in the process. Luckily it's right at the edge of the screen so you don't notice it during day to day use.

    Quote Originally Posted by John in VA View Post
    Nice work! Where did you source the fabric tape?
    Borrowed from work, but I think you can buy it off Amazon. The stuff I used was Tesa 51616 for the interior, and 51036 for exterior & engine bay.
    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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