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Thread: Finally a sillieidiot progress thread...Redux

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    Cool Finally a sillieidiot progress thread...Redux

    Ok, so I was trying to post something on e46fanatics and it kept erroring (database error) out. It was just a small update, but it still pissed me off lol Fuck you database error! So I'm going to do what I said I would do before and re-post the entire contents of my build thread again here. Luckily I have all the posts in OneNote so it's just going to be a fairly quick copy/paste. You will see posts where I quoted members from e46fanatics. I kept those cause I posted updates while quoting them. I had to date all of the posts since they will obviously be totally wrong here lol I also broke up my original first post into 2 posts. It was a huge PIA to scroll the long first post every time I wanted to update my mod list. I probably won't fix the smileys. I use them a lot, but ZHPMafia doesn't have good selection of smileys to where I could even convert them.

    Originally posted (2/21/2014)

    I figured it was time I made a build/progress thread. It's mainly just for me to look back on the things I did to the car. Special thanks to Tom, David, Anthony and the rest of the guys at European Auto Source, Mike@F1autohaus (not around anymore), Paul@euro-spec (now dtm-spec), Hank @ Elite auto body, Wayne @ A1 autobody, Gregory @ Challenge, all the OG fanatics that I met, the older SGC members, and everyone else I'm too lazy to include.

    I wanted to thank my longtime, loving girlfriend, Samantha for understanding my addiction. She even helped out by buying some of the mods :luv:

    And I also wanted to thank my Dad. Without him, I wouldn't even have been able to get the car. A lot of my early paint work was paid for by him as gifts from holidays/birthdays.

    I'm going to try to include pictures of the mods I did in order. But I don't remember the exact timeline or even dates lol I should have made the thread earlier, then I wouldn't have to remember the order :lmao: Also please excuse the crappy pictures lol It gets better later on in the thread since I actually started using real cameras to take pictures

    Here is my current mod list (as of 7/11/2021):

    Vehicle Info
    • 2006 330ci
    • Alpine White with Black interior
    • 6 speed manual

    • BMW Performance grills
    • Challenge CF roof - 1x1 (first one ever made
    • Custom OEM M3 front fenders w/ grill delete, side markers added, inner lip flattened
    • Custom OEM Mtech 2 front bumper w/ molded CS splitters & reflector delete
    • Custom aluminum scrape plates (powder coated black)
    • OEM Euro blind-spot glass
    • OEM CSL rails
    • OEM M3 mirrors
    • OEM M3 rear fenders (inner lip flattened)
    • OEM M3 side skirts
    • OEM Mtech 2 rear bumper
    • Vorsteiner CSL trunk - DVWP
    • Vorsteiner VRS vented hood - Double-sided w/ silver CF vents (race version)
    • XPEL ultimate clear bra - full front w/ wrapped edges, door cups, roof, mirrors

    • 35% 3M tint all around
    • BMWPedals Clutch stop (now called PedalHaus)
    • Custom AUX input/jack
    • Custom BMWPedals - black w/ heel extension (now called PedalHaus)
    • Custom OEM M3 non-sunroof headliner and A/B/C pillars wrapped in newer style black fabric
    • EAS Silver CF interior trim
    • EAS Silver CF tool box
    • OEM ZHP Perforated leather steering wheel w/ yellow center line
    • OEM ZHP shift knob

    • Custom lighted door handles using OEM E92 LEDs
    • Custom Morimoto LED fog lights (Glass cover retrofit) (not installed)
    • EAS Aurora angel eyes (Prototype)
    • F1 Autohaus LED corners/Reverse lights (Prototype)
    • F1 Autohaus LED interior kit (Prototype)
    • HID fogs lights - 6000k
    • OEM E92 LED license plate lights
    • Osram CBI bulbs

    • AST 4100 dampers
    • Bimmerworld front adjustable endlinks
    • Mason Engineering front racing strut bar
    • OEM BMW front strut reinforcement plates
    • OEM Z4M FCABs
    • OEM ZHP control arms
    • Rogue Engineering RSMs
    • Swift springs 8K Front & 10K Rear
    • Turner Motorsport Adjustable camber arms
    • Turner Motorsport front/rear sway bar kit
    • Turner Motorsport rear adjustable endlinks
    • Vorshlag race camber plates

    • OEM BMW Performance rotors
    • Motul RBF 600 fluid
    • Painted OEM brake calipers (semi-gloss black)
    • Performance Friction Z-rated pads
    • Stoptech SS brake lines

    • Apex ARC-8 18 x 9.5 et35 (Square setup)
    • Michelin PSS 255/35/18 F/R (Square setup)
    • Macht Schnell stud kit - 75mm
    • OEM BMW updated center caps w/ chrome ring
    • Turner hub extenders
    • Vorshlag 5mm spacers - front

    • ESS Tuning TS2+ Supercharger kit - Custom painted in Cerakote Glacier Black (not installed on car yet)
    • G.A.S DISA upgrade kit
    • Mishimoto silicone intake hoses (Custom electrical tape mod to get rid of all the logos)
    • Mishimoto silicone radiator hoses (Custom electrical tape mod to get rid of all the logos)
    • Stewart water pump

    • CDV Delete
    • Custom Autosolutions SSK (replaces every component including the carrier)
    • OEM M3 Transmission mounts (bought, not installed)
    • Rogue Engineering SS clutch line
    • Redline fluid

    • BimmerBrakes Gen3 replica headers (bought, not installed)
    • Magnaflow 16533 full catback exhaust
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    So here we go. My car when I first bought it (sometime in 2006). The most stock picture I have is the car with tints (35% all around) Damn that front bumper was ugly :

    After a couple of months, I couldn't stand those anymore, so I got the OEM Mtech 2 kit (they didn't have replicas at the time, but I wouldn't have bought it anyways. OEM FTW). Got the kit from Tischer. They sent me the sedan sides, but since it went straight to my painter. It was already painted by the time I realized it. I rocked it anyways for a while. The front bumper was bent/damaged when I got it. But they promptly replaced that one. GF paid for the front bumper :luv:

    Then sometime after that (same year) I think my angel eyes died and Umnitza wouldn't warranty them as well as all the other stuff that happened. I just ripped them out, and worked on some small lighting stuff. LED exterior/interior, projector fogs, 6000k bulbs. The normal lighting upgrades you go through at this phase.

    (crappy corner bulbs I got off a member, that got it from Umnitza lol)

    (F1 autohaus bulbs)

    After those mods, I don't know WTF order I did these next few mods. But from 2007 to Bimmerfest 2008 I guess these are the mods I did. I remember that I bought an Eisenmann sport. I don't have any pictures of it apparently. But then I sold it so that I could use the money to buy this rare hood.

    Vorsteiner Double-sided CF with Silver CF vents (race version which I was told was even lighter/stronger than normal). I thought I had a better picture, but I guess I lost it.

    Pretty much after I got that hood, my modding sort of snowballed from there. I focused mainly on aesthetics though as I was under warranty and didn't want to mess with **** too much.

    Then of course I got a CSL trunk to match. Got this one from Euro-spec. As I recall, fitment was pretty good for a replica trunk. Had to do a lot of dremeling though, but it was a great selling point later on.

    The projector fogs output sucked ass so I took them out and gave it to a friend. Then threw in 3000k fogs at some point and put on some Club Sport splitters as well.

    Here's how it looked in Bimmerfest 2008

    Again I don't know when the hell I did these mods, but it must have happened sometime between Bfest 08 and 09. I started modding on a Bfest yearly cycle for some reason.

    I sold the CSL trunk, then got an OEM style CF trunk. Surprisingly, the fitment was even better than the OEM trunk lol didn't have to dremel anything I don't think.

    I got a silver CF diffuser to match the vents. There weren't any available at the time so I had to ask Paul @ Euro-spec to make one for me.

    Then I got the bright idea to do a custom silver CF insert in the license plate area too. Had Oshin02 do the work. He sucks. He totally didn't know what he was doing at all. Probably knew less about CF than I did. The CS splitters I left for him was in even worst condition. :censor: But since I was already in the hole, I made the best of it on the trunk. Painterdude, which was my painter at the time :, did a heck of a job and clean it up. Made it way nicer better than when I gave it to him. Still not perfect, but I lived with it for a while. I'd eventually upgrade to another trunk later on.

    Painted the hood too

    And this is how it looked at Bimmerfest 2009

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    Anthony @ EAS took some pictures of my car sometime after.

    Moving on to the next mod cycle, I guess from looking at pictures, I didn't do much from Bfest 09 to 2010. I think I my tires were pretty worn down on the stock runflats. And I went on the skidpad for SoCal Euro 2009. Bad idea, totally chewed up my already messed up tires lol I already bought 19" VMR VB3s sometime before Bfest 09. We'll touch more on this later.

    So I think sometime during this phase. People were just starting to get on the car vinyling craze. Then Don Nguyen came out with the 3M Di-noc ones (which he didn't anyone to know. More on that later) and everyone goes crazy and tries to put it on everything. I contacted him to see if he had a silver CF version. He said that he did not. Then I set about to find the manufacturer, which was 3M from my research so that I could find a silver CF one. I got samples, and well they didn't match at all. So there goes that idea. To this day, because of this, Don Nguyen never gives me a quote on anything, and hates me lol Oh well.

    So I get some matte black vinyl, and then I DIYed it myself (cause you know, he's unwilling to work with me). I had to do it twice cause I messed up the first time. Looked pretty good for a first timer, but I was too lazy to do the rails so I just left them lol For some reason I don't have pictures I took of it either. Here's a useless one:

    So back to the wheels, which was the last mod I added on for the 2009 year. I had been complaining that I needed tires, but didn't want to pay for them. As luck would have it, I would get exactly what I wanted :lmao: I went to a Charity car show and donate iono what, I forgot the show already. But while standing there, my good friend Jason (Devious1) tells me I should enter the drawing they are having. I was reluctant, but did so anyways. Well the last drawing of the day was a free set of tires from Toyo Tires. I won LOL So that's how I get my wheels put on. To this day, I think Jason is still pissed about that, cause I entered right after him and won :

    Again guys, one crappy picture for now. Better pictures will follow suit.

    For the start of 2010, my girlfriend bought me one of the things I've always wanted. Silver CF interior trim from EAS. Tom @ EAS gave us a great deal to boot. I had nothing to do on a rainy day (yes it rains in CA) so I installed them. Here's some more subpar pictures (I didn't realize that I had a lot of these lol). Don't worry Anthony @ EAS will do it some justice later on in the thread.

    A couple of months later, I hit a huge chunk of asphalt that was launched from a truck. Most of the damage was on the splitter portion of the bumper, the rest was cracked paint on the bumper which I covered up with touch up. I didn't have the money to repaint at the time, so I did the next best thing. Covered it up with CS splitters from Euro-Spec.

    Some time after that, I swapped out my sedan Mtech 2 sides for M3 sides (painted by Hank @ Elite autobody). I added a ZHP shift knob and I lowered my car on Tein S-tech springs. Here's how it looked at Bimmerfest 2010

    Then sometime after that, I had another mini-shoot with Anthony @ EAS

    It's going to get pretty thin here. From Bfest 2010 to 2011, I didn't really do anything exterior wise. I swapped the 3000k fogs for 6000k, and got new LED bulbs.

    The next mod was the Rogue Engineering SSK from EAS. This I got as a birthday gift from my GF :luv: But it wasn't all gravy. First of all, after the install, I found out that they gave me a defective lever. It was super short and not center plus the fact that the notch was wrong and wouldn't let the shift knob connect to it. After about a month going back and forth, they finally send me a replacement lever (the replacement lever felt like they gave me the stock one coming from the defective one lol). Worst company to deal with, it wasn't EAS's fault at all, since Rogue didn't even reply to them either. From then on, I vowed never to buy anything from Rogue if I could. I also bought RSMs from them, but that was bought at the same time as the SSK (just not installed yet). The performance from it was abysmal IMO. It has a lot of slop even in gear, and the throws were barely even shorter. I planned to get a replacement later on.

    Some time after that I installed the Macht Schnell stud kit bought from EAS. This was also a birthday present from my friends. I also took off the Tein springs and sold it to a member here. It sucked riding around stock height again lol

    Then Bimmerfest 2011 came around. And surprisingly, I do not have a single picture of my car that year.

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    Now onto the new modding cycle of Bfest 11 to 12 (which was a big modding year for me BTW). First thing I got that year were some CBI bulbs. I only have pictures of the boxes for some reason : They just came out at the time, and I believe I was one of the first to get them.

    A couple of months go by, and my good friend DrusC5s (I think it's now Drew@SwiftMotorworks) started parting out his car. I was looking for a VCSL trunk, but the FRP one (since I planned to paint the whole thing for a cleaner look). Well he had one for sale, but it was single sided CF. It was too good of a deal to pass up anyways, so I bought it. It was carbon black, and since I didn't have money at that time, I just drove around with it in that color lol More on that later though

    Then I sold my silver CF diffuser and put back on the OEM black diffuser to match the black trunk.

    The next month, I got a set of BMW Pedals from EAS. I got the black ones. The install was pretty easily with their template thing. The black they use is a deep purple, hence why the picture looks like it's purple. But under normal lighting, it's black.

    For some reason, with the pedals, I couldn't exactly do Heel-toeing like I wanted. I could do it, but it just felt harder. So I contacted Brian @ to see if something could be done. I told him what I wanted, and then he came up with this extension for it. To test it out, I made one out of cardboard using a 1:1 template he sent me and tried it out.

    I don't have a picture of the final product either lol I'll post it at the end of the thread if anyone is really interested to see.

    Ok remember the trunk I got from my friend? Well I've been driving around with it for like 3.5 months without painting it or anything. At this point, Dru has been telling me how much he regrets selling his trunk, and the one he got to replace it, he hated. Well lady luck to the rescue again. I was browsing the forum again and found the exact trunk I wanted in the first place for sale (VCSL FRP one). Hit up drew and tell him, that if he buys that, I'll trade him his old trunk back so he doesn't have to repaint. So now I went from a Carbon black trunk to a Silver Grey trunk. It was a really nice color. My friend Brian N. (or Naruto19) fell in love with it so much that he eventually sold his car to get an SG M3 lol :lmao:

    I did the OEM license plate LEDs mod while I was at it.

    My next big mod was a new suspension setup. I bought AST 4100s with 650r/550f Hyperco springs from Vorshlag. I also got their front camber plates and the front reinforcement plates. I already had the Rogue RSMs from earlier on in the year that was going in at the same time.

    I don't have any install pictures. It took me awhile to get everything adjusted to how I liked it. At some point during my testing/setting up phase, I broke the stock endlinks that I used with the suspension. I ended up getting a pair of Bimmerworld endlinks to replace them. It's been solid ever since.

    The next thing I did was get my trunk and m3 mirrors painted. I bought these mirrors like sometime in 09, but never installed it or anything. I sold the mirror glass so all I had were the mirrors. I mainly didn't want to install them because I have ribbons and would had to retrofit the motors in. Still didn't do it after I got them painted lol

    I did however install the trunk. Along with this other mod, silver CF toolbox that I got when I got my interior trim, but never put it on either. Pictures of the trunk were taken without any adjustments done to it yet.

    The next mod was a mod that I already did, but took it out. I got some angel eyes again. This time it was a birthday present from Tom @ EAS. : Honestly, I think he gave them to me in 2011, but I didn't install them until the following year lol They were prototype Aurora rings for the facelift coupes that they never released. They are great rings; I wished that they were able to bring these out for the E46 market.

    Then I went to EAS and had Anthony take some more pictures again Oh yeah, I also got the OEM BMW Performance brakes with PFC pads. Don't know when I did it exactly in the year, but apparently I did it sometime this year since you'll see it in the next few pictures lol

    So a few weeks before Bimmerfest 2012, my M3 Euro glass finally came in. That meant I had no choice but to finally put in those M3 mirrors. No more excuses now.

    The next thing to go on was my OEM Perforated steering wheel. I got this wheel like back in 2008 LOL I just never installed it because I was undecided on what I wanted. I had like 3 other M3 steering wheels. I had a used tri-stitch which I sold for a like new one. Then decided that I didn't like tri-stitch so I sold that one for a brand new black stitch one. I wasn't satisfied, so then I got this perforated one. Best decision ever, feels great.

    Here's a blurry picture of one of the M3 wheels I had before I sold it

    Here's the one I installed. I added that yellow center line too.

    A couple of pictures of how my car looked at Bimmerfest 2012


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    A couple of months go by, and I got really tired of the matte black vinyl. I liked the look, however the vinyl scratches too easily. That and I never wrapped the rails (because I was too lazy), so I decided to take it off.

    Then I did the lighted door handles mod. I used the OEM E92 LED lights. Then cut them and retrofitted them into the keyhole covers. I was finally able to use one of my other mods I bought way back in the days while I was at it. I don't have any good pictures (yeah same song) since it's hard to get a good shot of it.

    Another couple of months go by and my friend Brian N. wanted to do his last shoot ever (with his 330). So we set something up with Scott Chu. Here's a couple of pictures.

    The rest of the pictures of the shoot can be seen in this thread (also in better quality):

    The next mod I got, was a small group buy that I set up for a few of my friends (with the help of EAS's business address). It was to get the Mason Engineering Front Racing Strut Bar. They were for the updated ones too. This was the only mod that I can recall, that I put on the same day I got it :

    To end the 2012 year, my friend Brian N. wanted to part out his car and sell it to my other friend. Which meant a lot of work on my part ugh. The majority of the parts went to friends so I guess it wasn't too bad. I bought from him the two things that would have taken the longest to sell/get rid of. That and the fact that he gave me a great price and payment plan.

    So I picked up his square set of 18 x 9.5 Apex Arc-8s wrapped in 255/35/18 Michelin Pilot Super Sports. And I also got his Magnaflow Full Catback exhaust. Sounds great. A little on the quieter side for my tastes. But I saved a ton of weight compared to the stock setup lol

    For the start of the new year of 2013, my hood got slightly damaged by a rock. Hit it, dug up some paint and accelerated a clearcoat failure. At first it was small, I didn't do anything about it. Then a couple of months later, it got really big and ugly lol But I pretty much just dealt with it still. I decided that I'll be repainting the entire front clip to also address the front bumper damage from way earlier as well as a couple of dings on the front fenders. Also I wanted to get clear bra to help prevent chips. I spent the rest of the year saving up money pretty much.

    Here's a couple of pictures I found of the Bimmerfest 2013 year.

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    So as I was saving, I looked in the classifieds one day and saw an M3 fender for sale. Hmm I always wanted M3 fenders. I got a quote from Wayne @ A1 autobody. It's totally doable, so I bought that fender (Thanks Kalim & Albee for the help). Spent the next couple of months working/looking for another cheap one and got that one too. Sorry I don't have any pictures of the fenders themselves.

    Then the summer of that year, a really good deal for a black non-sunroof headliner came up. It included all the pillars and bits needed to convert my grey headliner to black (like visors and stuff too). Only thing was that it was pick up only in Vegas. Yeah, roadtrip LOL I dabbled about it. Set my own price limit and offered him that much. Of course, my bad (good?) luck, he accepts it. So yeah I bought it.

    I swapped out the pillars and some of the stuff so that I could sell the stock ones to recoup. Can't find pictures of that either lol

    So a couple of months go by, and I'm just about ready to get everything done. I sort of hit a snag, well not really. I delayed it, but for good reason. Plus now I can put my non-sunroof headliner to good use.

    Too lazy to rewrite it so here's an excerpt:
    Quote Originally Posted by sillie View Post
    So since OEM CSL roofs are now discontinued. I was waiting eagerly for the roof made by Evolve to come out. It looks pretty good in pictures and everything, but the thing that I couldn't get over was the price. Their MSRP was way more than OEM, I believe. Not only that, roofs made by other manufacturers for other BMW models were still cheaper.

    So after being disappointed, I decided to try and contact Challenge Engineering. They make CF roofs for the E90 M3 and F10 M5. From the roofs that I've seen and some of their other CF stuff, the quality looks great...
    Link to thread:

    That's my username on M3forum if you can't already tell. Gregory @ Challenge was pretty receptive to the idea, I still had to convince him though, hence why I made the thread in the first place. Then he gave the go ahead and it was on it's way. Of course everyone wanted pictures of the roof and fitment pictures, and since I was the one to bring it up, I offered to be the guinea pig (hence the delay). There was a significant delay due to bad weather but it finally arrived at Challenge and he took some pictures.

    Looks good? Well there was more bad weather on the way and it severely delayed the roof getting to me. Not to mention, Brian N. kept nagging about it all the time. Seriously, it comes when it comes lol I decided to go ahead and drop my car off and hope that it would come sometime during the month, as it was quoted that long to just do my front. The roof install would just extend the date anyways.

    A couple of weeks later and I'm delighted to this (I honestly didn't know when it was coming because FedEx tracking was absolutely useless when there are weather delays. It never updated and told me that it wouldn't be here until the following week):
    Quote Originally Posted by sillieidiot View Post
    after a lot of delays from FedEx, it's FINALLY here!!! Sorry for the amount pictures, and some of them are probably not even focused. But I was too excited. I'll be dropping it off at the body shop either later today or tomorrow.

    Here's some pictures lol I tried taking some macro shots as best as I could.

    The roof looks gorgeous. I can't stop staring at it lol It looks like the OEM roofs that I've seen. But I can't be too sure now since I haven't seen one for awhile. But it's incredibly hard for me to take photos that could represent how beautiful it looks. Definitely needs to be seen in person to appreciate.

    As for when the install would be finished. I think my car is supposed to be done in 2 weeks. I'm getting other stuff done to it right now so yeah. I think this would be the last thing they install probably.
    I ended up dropping it off the same day, since I don't have a car, and my friend offered to take me since he happened to be available right at that time. Of course Brian N. here was pissed as hell at this point. He didn't get to see it in person LOL So of course, the end of the week, I had to go with him so we can "take pictures" of it.

    His post on M3forum:
    Quote Originally Posted by Brian N View Post
    Saw the roof today at the body shop with Hieu. Took some photos sorry if they aren't the best. I think my camera is breaking. We took around 60 but only a few came out alright. We also forgot to bring a microfiber to clean off the dust. :lolhit:

    I know it's cliché but I will say it anyways. It looks so much better in person than any of these pictures can show. :

    So yeah, now that we're up to speed, this is where I'm at right now. Hopefully the car will finish soon, then I'll post some pictures. Then I plan to do a detail (more like Brian N. will do it, and I watch) and then get it clear bra'd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian N View Post
    bump for updates.
    here's a small one.

    Saw my car at the shop. Actually, I've been there a few times since I dropped it off. But didn't take many pictures. I took 2 like a couple weeks ago, but I didn't feel like it was enough for an update. But there is enough today.

    wheels look so much bigger without fenders lol:

    headliner and sunroof out:

    Then today I came by, since I was in the area and I see that they are getting ready to put the roof on. I had them just put on the roof for me to take some quick fitment pictures. I quoted a post I made on m3forum so I don't have to rewrite everything.

    Quote Originally Posted by sillieidiot View Post
    Sorry guys, again, for the late update. I guess there was some delay from fedex (i think they have it out for me or something :thumbsdown for the glue required to put on the roof. They just received it today, but won't be gluing it until the owner comes back later today (i dropped by unannouced since it was on the way). But I did get some pictures of just the roof on the car for you to show fitment.

    Keep in mind, the roof panel HAS NOT been glued on yet and it's not in it's FINAL position.

    This obviously needs to be moved over. I forgot to take one of the other side.

    The guys there told me that the fitment was spot on. It could have passed for OEM if I didn't already tell them that it wasn't 2: They said that they don't even have to do any cutting, just need the glue and to put it on and it should be good. Great news for me i guess lol
    yeah so there you go. now i'm more excited to see the car finished.

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    iono if i consider this an update. but i took some crappy cellphone pictures. so i'm going to post it lol basically they glued the roof down. and put the glass back on.

    now that the roof is on, they are shooting for next week to finish the rest of the car.

    damn, my finger managed to sneak in a shot

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    Quote Originally Posted by hi its me alec View Post
    Awesome, definitely one of my favorite facelift coupes ever. Can't wait to see more pics :
    thanks man :clap:

    Quote Originally Posted by cak323i View Post
    Damn Hieu! Your car is looking good! Loving the updates....can't wait to see everything put back together and cleaned....I bet your car is going to look awesome! :
    i know i can't wait. but sadly, i guess it's not going to be done week . but it looks like i maybe only have to wait another week. snuck in a quick picture before i left.

    fenders look good on the car. my hood now fits even better which is a plus. but it's getting really close to the hard deadline. if they don't make it next week, i won't be able to make bfest

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    Quote Originally Posted by patdeezy View Post
    damn i cant wait to see it done! im not coming over until you get the car back LOL
    better not forget the money for the lip lol

    Quote Originally Posted by T330 View Post
    I literally lol'ed when I read that part of your post :

    almost there, so close:

    picture wasn't really the greatest. the car was on a small hill facing down. it was really hot so i just took a quick picture and got the hell out of there lol

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