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Thread: New Rims Rubbing in the Rear

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    New Rims Rubbing in the Rear

    Hey guys, I wanted to just toss my problem around in here see if anyone has any knowledge or ideas that might help my situation. I finally got my tires mounted to some new Apex rims. They are 17x9 et30 running 255 square. They clear the front and everything is fine. While stationary or just regular cruising there is no rubbing in the rear, however whenever the rear shocks are under compression (braking, accelerating, or turning, the fenders do rub just a bit on the edge of the tires. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem before and knows any ideas besides fender rolling, which was done by the previous owner, or completely getting a new suspension(which i would like to avoid for now at least). I know he ran 18x9 et42 and had no problem with the same suspension set up. I will be contacting him and apex tomorrow to see if either can be of some help. Thanks guys.
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    If you don't want to roll the fenders more or pull them, you can cut the lip like Pizzaman did or just run more camber.
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    Oh man you went from et42 to et30? With a 255? On a sedan? Yikes.

    That rear fender is going to need some work to fit. First step is look up under there and try to see where exactly you're rubbing. You might get lucky and find out that it's just the bumper screw in the rear (which can be cut down or off completely). Post pics and we can help you out bud.

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    Did they roll it flat? I find that most people just roll it enough to clear whatever wheels they are running. When I did mines, I made it as flat as possible and pulled it some. It ended up rubbing on the inside fender instead lol

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    17x9 ET42 is the best offset with a 255

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