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    ZHP Tune now Available !!! :O / Remap your ECU MS45.1

    Hi guys,

    My friend has recently started flashing ZHP tunes, he can read your ECU modify the ECU file and flash it.

    - Gain up to 20HP (Ignition, Fuel Mixture, Vanos MAP remap)
    - 7000 RPM or any rpm you want
    - Rear O2 Delete so the SES doesn't show up
    - Secondary air pump delete

    If anyone is interested post here and i will contact you with him.
    Price and the technical details will be pm-ed to anyone interested.
    ZHP 2004 6M/T Silver Grey - BBS RGR R18 8.5 ET38 RG734H & 9J ET45 RG762H Forged - Gruppe M Air Intake - Supersprint Replica Headers - N52 TB - Ported Head - MS43 ECU Conversion - 7000RPM - ETS Tuned - Tein Street Advance Z Coilovers

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    Interesting. I'll PM you.
    2005 Jet Black ZHP Sedan "Adriana" || TunedByDaniel || BMW Alarm + Fuel Lock || ORION V4s || Eagle Eyes || 435i Coupe Sport Seats || Perforated Leather X5 M-Sport Wheel || FLOW Designs Lip

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