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Thread: A/C Issues

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    A/C Issues

    So my car sat for 5 years while I was working on rebuilding the motor. I got the motor back in and Iím having issues with my A/C.

    The A/C system was left in the car intact. I did not undo any lines or open the system. When I turned it on the compressor didnít engage. I got some refrigerant and it wasnít registering so I added some and the clutch on the compressor engaged. It was a little low so I added some refrigerant. Still hot aur was coming out when the system was set to cool.

    Then I noticed this odd hissing sound inside the car when the compressor was running. Any ideas what it could be? Iíve never messed with A/C.

    Here is the link to my video of the noise itís making.

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    I haven't done a whole lot of reading on this, but I've heard of a few cases on our cars. I have the same noise as you, but much quieter and it's on/off. I typically put a half to full small can of R134a in every summer, as I find the AC is a bit weak after sitting for a winter. Following this thread to see if others have the same symptoms

    Edit: I've seen some people saying it's because it's low on refrigerant. But I did get the AC professionally recharged at some point, and it still made that noise
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