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Thread: Need help on value and venue for ZHP

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    Question Need help on value and venue for ZHP

    I inherited a 2018 ZHP manual; black with Dakota red leather interior. It has 33k miles. 100% dealer maintained and very clean.

    I need to sell it and am looking for suggestions from this forum on value and venue. Right now, I'm thinking that I will list it on Bring-A-Trailer as they are site that has a lot of knowledgeable enthusiasts who will appreciate the ZHP for what it is. Being RWD the weenies that don't know how to drive snow locally (I'm in Boston) will likely be afraid of it. We all drove rear wheel drive cars exclusively for 6 decades before AWD and front drive came into production so its a non-issue to me, but people can be a project when they look at something great and then seize on one feature that they perceive to be negative.

    So what are your thoughts about the value of this exceedingly clean ZHP and the best venue for this car to find it a new home?

    Thanks in advance ZHP members for your help.

    (a/k/a OldCarKook)

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    This is the 340i sedan with the zhp package ?

    Share some pictures if you can.

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    I've tried every way imaginable to upload photos for you with no luck. I cannot find any information in the forum that suggests there are limits to photos and sizes. I have taken images with an iPhone and every way I try I get "Upload failed" Sorry but you'll have to PM me your email address or give me instructions on how to add photos.

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    I like the BaT idea. You may want to check the F30 forum for similar cars, but I don’t think there’s a lot of those cars for sale.
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    Many of us upload to 3rd party hosts, then link it here. Many other forums have limits as to what you can upload to their servers, so this is what most do especially if content is to be cross-posted between forums.

    You can use any host but common ones are flickr or imgur. I use imgur, for example if I wanted to upload the pic at this link:

    Then I would just go to the link, copy the link address then type it out in the below format (get rid of the exclamation mark):


    Which turns into this:

    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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    Not sure that posting photos of a car that has not been cleaned up is all that helpful, but here are the photos of the car:
    2018 ZHP manual; black with Dakota red leather interior. 33k miles. 100% dealer maintained Very clean.

    Would appreciate your thoughts on the value of this car.

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    That is a gorgeous car. Id think it has to be worth at least in the upper 20s (or much more) - IMO RWD and 6spd ZHP is very desirable in the enthusiast market.

    EDIT: Im wrong. I think mid-upper 30s to the right buyer.

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    Bring a Trailer comments will crush the non-stock items on the car - German, grill colors, roundel overlays. You should revert to the original items. F30 ZHPs were low-production, but many feel not that special as the features can be added to any car. Get busy cleaning under the hood! Good luck moving it.
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    I agree. Replace emblems and ditch those colored grill slats. Give it a good clean and list it up. It's a cool car for sure.

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    GLWS, cool car! but that red interior is gonna be a hard pass for many.

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