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Thread: So about that mythical ZHP replacement...

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    So about that mythical ZHP replacement...

    Well, I have some bad news:

    Quote Originally Posted by CNET
    In a VR presentation streamed from Germany today, BMW ran through a series of digital updates to its cars, including more details on the new BMW digital key service announced with Apple at last week's WWDC and confirming that current model cars will be fully software upgradeable over the air, a la Tesla. The first such update will hit BMW Operating System 7 cars in July. Packages are said to be approximately 1GB in size and will take roughly 20 minutes to install.

    But, the most notable part of the day's presentation was the new plan to turn many options into software services. BMW mentioned everything from advanced safety systems like adaptive cruise and automatic high-beams to other, more discrete options like heated seats.
    The only thing this brings to mind is... well...

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    Yeah, this could be an issue. Not thrilled with having to subscribe to feautures even after a car is paid off. Maybe they'll include a pay-in-full price for the feature when you first buy the car so you have it permanently, and maybe even offer a discount, so it's all built into the car payment. Because as we've seen, a la carte is great for choices but it get's expensive.

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    Didn't really need a final reason to be finished with current BMW, but this put a nice nail in the coffin. Every time I select butt warmer in my zhp, I will smile at my fortune to be able to do so.

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    Cruise control and powered seats is about as much technology as Iíll ever need.

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