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    Got my assembly today and installed already. I took some pics before I installed it. But, I for some reason I can't get them to attach.

    See if this Google Drive link works.

    My thoughts. Looks exactly like my passenger assembly. Which, tells me my passenger assembly is probably a MM. Also, it did come with bulbs. I removed the Xenon bulb because I wanted the L/R to match. I think it seems just as well made as the ZKW it's replacing, and better since the housing is metal. Overall, I'm very pleased. Not thrilled that I had to replace it. But, happy that now they match. And, my drivers side light isn't yellow. Will do some night driving tonight to see how they look at night, and see if I need to get them aligned.
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    So I have replaced my passenger side ZKW bi-xenon headlight assembly with a Magneti Marelli one.

    I am going to start a new thread detailing what went well and what did not.

    Main points:

    1. It WAS NOT plug and play. I had to dremel out material in the mounting area to make the MM headlight fit
    2. MM is AL, at least that is what the sticker on the headlight assembly says
    3. The MM headlight came with all the screws needed (did not have to reuse any screws from original assembly)
    4. The MM assembly did NOT FIT FLUSH with the side turn indicator lights and there is a gap between the headlight and turn indicator
    5. The MM headlight beam did not require any adjusting, the self leveling capability worked fine
    6. The MM assembly came with bulbs, but I swapped out with an OSRAM Nightbreaker and it was noticeably brighter than whatever the D2S stock bulb
    7. The Clemsone retrofit was still OK after 2 years, but it didn't compare to the brightness or beam consistency of the MM/AL headlight with either the OEM bulb or OSRAM bulb

    Here is the link to the post detailing the replacement of the ZKW with MM/AL:

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    It’s plug and play. I just did 10 headlights recently. All you have to do is swap out your ZKW headlight brackets with the AL ones that come with the headlights in your case. If you buy used AL on eBay you likely will have to dremel out your ZKW bracket like you did or buy new/used AL bracket. Also, you did not install corner light correctly that’s why there is a gap, there should be no gaps. Practice on the headlights they you took off, it’s easier to plug the corner light when you can see where it goes.

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