Have been troubleshooting numerous codes. Replaced fuel filter (found intake to fuel pressure regulator broken) , spark plugs (found oil on threads, wells dry), and CCV system rebuild to include:
- Oil dip stick tube to pan o-ring QTY 1
- Oil dip stick o-rings QTY 2
- Intake air distribution manifold o-rings QTY 6
- CCV Oil seperator
- CCV Drain hose from separator
- CCV drain hose from vanos
- CCV drain hose from air distribution manifold QTY 2

Long story short.... Upon fire up, car was running very much the same. Cleared codes, took car for a drive. Good power, car running a bit rough (misfire), and as I pulled into driveway, I noticed a whidp of smoke from engine bay.

Popped hood, and this is what I found....

Oil on this mount....

This plug installed, right below spark plug #2 on head....

This plug missing. Located right under spark plug #4, on side of head. What is this plug, what is the nomenclature, and what realoem drawing is it on?

Thanks for any help.

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