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Thread: Possible FCP Euro Lifehack

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    Possible FCP Euro Lifehack

    I was browsing reddit and came across a thread in r/cars where someone mentioned you can get up to $30 return shipping covered by PayPal, if you used it as the original method of payment on your FCP Euro order. I've never tried this but if true, basically makes some warranty replacements truly free.

    After reading the link below, it certainly seems plausible. I wonder if anyone here has done this?

    EDIT: The guy on reddit I was chatting with has verified this does work, he has done this successfully. You can get up to 12 return shipments comp'd per year. Even if you didn't pay for the original parts with PayPal, it should work if you use them for the replacement
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    Nice find -- never heard of this

    US link for non-moose people

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    Bump for visibility, and the fact that I just used this - I shipped my pads and 1 bottle of brake fluid back to FCP, it has been received and PayPal is refunding me back the total cost of shipping ($~14 CAD). Since I'm up North I still had to pay import taxes and shipping forwarding fee for the replacement parts since I used a cross-border forwarding company (total of ~$20) so not totally free, but if you're in the US this whole process will not cost you a single penny out of pocket, unless your return shipping exceeds $30.
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    Great lifehack!!!

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