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Thread: 2004 ZHP Sedan A/T Gray on Black Leather

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    REMOVE: 2004 ZHP Sedan A/T Gray on Black Leather

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    Ciao fratelli,

    There was only 1 reason why I would put my ZHP up for sale. To get a ZHP Sedan 6 Speed. Turns out a friend is selling his and I decided that want it, but can't justify having two. Now then, I have cared for and maintained my car, during my 3 years of ownership as if I would have it for ever. If you are in the market for a very clean STOCK car PM me. Details below. I can't believe that I offering this up for sale

    VIN: Last 7 - KM38398
    Miles: 191K
    Price: $6500-ish

    Known history:
    Oct 2014 up for sale -*SOLD*
    - Then buyer owned it for about 3 years adding about 25K miles, had a Eonon head unit with B/U camera (installed), had Coby restore the steering wheel and center console pad (Alcantara), and added clear corners and Euro tail lights. Stock Business CD head unit, original tail lights and amber corners will be included.
    - I bought in March of 2017 and have not changed at all. Not smoked in, eaten it, always garaged or covered.
    - I have spent about $4K in preventive maintenance during my ownership. It's a long list from complete cooling system and related items to oil pan gasket and motor mounts. Unfortunately, I also had to replace the transmission ~ 10K ago with an identical used one which had 67K on it. One could continue to be proactive and replace a few things, but right now as the car sits, I would drive it to the east coast and back and expect to only pay for fuel and maybe a speeding ticket.

    It does have a few small dings now and the flippin' Alcantara pillar covers are wrinkled, but it's still an awesome shiny ZHP!
    If you are truly interested, PM me.

    I will paste a link to a CL with current pictures add once I post it.

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