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Thread: CL imola red 2004 100k 6 speed

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    Sorry for someone on this forum, I figured you would know. No. The ZHP struts where not regular sport shocks, they were bespoke and listed by Sachs Boge as MTecnik II. The problem is that many parts people don't know that, they think the MTechnik was for M3 so they send out the sport shocks regularly by mistake. This is made worse because aftermarket companies make a model to replace the regular and the sport. If you look at the Sachs Boge you will see they made a special set of shocks. If this was not a ZHP forum I wouldn't say anything but people here should know IMHO. The shocks were an amazing balance between firmness yet comfortable for daily use. That is what made the ZHP such a hit with Car and Driver etc.

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    In my opinion they don't. If you only experience a used ZHP with worn down parts or put sport shocks in your ZHP, you wouldn't have the right feel for what they are. I tried some on my ZHP and when I refreshed the whole suspension it was perfect. So yes upgrades are in the eye of the beholder but you have to know what you are comparing with. If you have a worn out ZHP suspension and change it to a new one it WILL feel better of course and give that impression but the stock suspension was a work of art. Not just me, people that reviewed it raved about the balance between performance and comfort and it WAS specifically tuned for ZHP whereas Koni and Bilstein are tuning theirs more generically for sport and ZHP the same.

    On the exhaust I owned that exhaust and the fine print said that there would be no power increase on ZHP. I just can't find the original documenation. Same thing with the E46 BMW Performance suspension it was also not considered an upgrade to the ZHP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredo View Post
    Ad is gone. FWIW, I have Koni FSD on my F30 and love them. Some people have refreshed the ZHP suspension with Koni and they are very happy with the results.
    As i mentioned if you have a worn ZHP suspension and refresh it with Konis yes they will feel great. But if you refreshed awiht Sachs Boge Technik II you would probably be super happy too. The FSD is nice for sure and better than a worn suspension but it was not tuned specifically for the car like the Sachs Boge MTechnik II version. I also sadly suspect that even those that went with Sachs Boge are driving around with sport package shocks. My best friend owns a german repair shop and he ordered the shocks for me his parts guy sent him sport package. I caught the mistake and sent them back and they special ordered the MTechnik II. Later he had a couple other ZHPs where different companies send the sport package ones because they are in stock an many think they are the same.

    Anyway Fredo stunning car. My ZHP is Mystic Blue but I always agonized because I love the Imola Red too. So the ad is down because I bought it so now I will have an Imola too.

    Still sad though that my beautiful Mystic Blue got rear ended especially because it had the alcantara interior BUT this one will take some of the sting away I hope!

  4. #14, I looked up Sachs to get the part numbers for reference and sadly you appear correct. It appears that Sachs is no longer making the blue decal ZHP specific shocks. They make one now that says for MTechnik and Sport Package. In the past there were three separate models with a different color decal that matched the blue decal on the zhp control arms. Boo. I'll have to reach out to Sachs and see what they used for valving.. the sport valving or the ZHP valving? Sucks!

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    NachoB, that's big news ... congrats on your IR !

    I believe these are the Sachs part numbers for ZHP shocks/struts:

    Front Left = 290-949
    Front Right =290-950
    Rear x2 = 556-882

    Do you have the Sachs Boge MTechnik II part numbers ? I wonder if they are different.

    Edit: I read your post above. Please tell us what you find.
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    I'll crawl under my car and get the numbers off the shocks but I checked and it appears that Sachs is now making one number for both! They are listing one strut now for both M Technik and Sport. They were separate in the past they probably thought no one would care and combined both. That is why they list M-Tehnik AND Sport because they were different before. I hope they used the ZHP valving not other way around : ( My old Mystic Blue is salvage now but my son is 18 and I am teaching him to drive in it. It's going to be rough for him starting out on ZHP and later driving some crappy manual car.

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    Huh, live and learn - I had no idea from factory that the dampers were ZHP-specific. Too bad Sachs stopped production and consolidated the part numbers. Although I can't see myself buying Sachs dampers given that from what people say, they wear out rather quickly
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    Quote Originally Posted by fredo View Post
    NachoB, that's big news ... congrats on your IR !

    I believe these are the Sachs part numbers for ZHP shocks/struts:

    Front Left = 290-949
    Front Right =290-950
    Rear x2 = 556-882

    Do you have the Sachs Boge MTechnik II part numbers ? I wonder if they are different.

    Edit: I read your post above. Please tell us what you find.
    The front left MTech damper is 556 873 and the right is 556 874. Today they are called Sachs Advantage and can be identified by the red sticker. Not sure how these compare to the old MTech dampers (Boge Turbo). The part number stayed the same for the fronts. The old rears were 556 884, but were replaced by 882. The new ones are Sachs Super Touring. They are 30% softer than the old Advantage, so it is literally impossible to recreate the original M package handling in 2020. They have a white sticker, which denotes the new "all-in-one" shock with lower performance. Blue stickers also denote low performance Sachs shocks. Below is a pic of the 556 873/874.

    Name:  s-l1600.jpg
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    Note these are the shocks for M package cars, ZHP may have been different. It's important to differentiate between ZHP and M package, as these are not the same trim.

    For completeness, this is the old MTech setup, Boge fronts and Advantage rears (both no longer available). This is the setup that made the M package handle as well as it did when new. I'm not sure if the ZHP used the same shocks but it's reasonable to assume they did. Note the red sticker on all of the dampers, which identifies the high performance line of shocks (as opposed to blue or white stickers).

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    Edit: It's also interesting to note that the same line of shocks are built to different standards for different markets. For example, the US does not get 556 873, they get 317 542/541. It seems like the rears are the same (556 882), although many Germans are not happy that these are lower performance than the old 884s. (I don't think the US got those, does someone know what the ZHP used in the rear when new?) And before the old "US never gets the good stuff" line comes up again, the US Bilstein shocks are also different. They last significantly longer than for example German market Bilsteins. The latter are well known across the line for blowing up after 30k miles, so people speak very poorly of Bilstein over there. Sachs Advantage is used as a substitute for the B8 and for lowering springs (Koni isn't sold there).
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    Interesting shocks convo. Thanks for the info.

    I have the perf exhaust. It's deeper and maybe slightly "louder" but not too much difference. Suits my taste perfectly. I've had loud and pop/crack/bang exhausted cars. Not for me anymore.

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    Just to add to this for comparison sake...I don't have any pictures handy but I have purchased sets of the Sachs front struts that were M Technic suspension specific, and not just for the sport package. I have a set on a '05 ZHP that I rescued and rebuilt from the ground up just a few months ago. I say this because I also just installed new Koni actives on a friends ZHP, so I have basically a direct comparison between two ZHP's that have all new suspension components front and both have new control arm bushings. The OEM Sachs struts are just fine...but the Koni's are amazing. They way they absorb bumps and how damped they feel is almost magical and absolutely a great upgrade over what would be a new stock suspension. The next ZHP I rebuild...which I just got yesterday and will be starting the rebuild soon...will likely get the Koni Actives.
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