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Thread: leaking in Wind noise after replacing windshield

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    leaking in Wind noise after replacing windshield

    I got a "reputable" local glass shop to replace the specified windshield(using Pilkington) and the OEM cowl for my ZHP Coupe. The windshield is supposed to be better than the Asian made glasss, I'm not liking it as much because now I hear more wind noise(with radio off), some whirling and fizzing, while on freeway speed(at 60mph+) more noticeable than before. The plastic trim piece that goes around the windshield is narrow. Any ideas on what the shop may have not done properly; not enough glue, sloppy positioning of trim? Do you think they should remove and re-install with the existing parts? I would like the wind noise to be more like a bass voom sound instead of a fizz sound(as it seems like air is coming in) or is that normal?

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    I have this on my to-do list. From my research, this OEM part needs to be installed: Reveal Molding - BMW (51-31-8-196-162).

    Is that what you got ?
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    Agreed on using the dealer-supplied molding. Pilkington glass has been a good fit in two of my E46s. The windshield also needs to be centered properly. Print & take this page to your glass installer - they'll love you!
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    Thanks John and fredo. I will refer to your item suggestions when I talk to the windshield shop again.

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    I had a fellow who installs windshield all day go for a freeway ride with me this week, while he hears the wind noise(s) type I'm referring to. He said the sound is just the air flow(hissing, whistling) going over the car's and also, since I got something new(windshield) that it maybe normal for me to think there is a new event. He rolled the window down to refer to an air noise, what it sounds like.

    He said that the original installation was done correctly and there's nothing he can do to make the sound better. I can live with this.

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